Pakistan Flower Shop Owner, Asif Ali Gohar, Names New Rose Creation After Himself

Asif Ali Gohar is well known in his home city of Lahore, Pakistan for being the current and successful owner of his family flower shop. His role in the shop includes selling flowers and other plant life to those who visit but, he is also a professional rose grower and crossbreeder. Using over ten years of experience, Asif set out with the goal of creating a new rose flower to sell in his shop, unlike any rose ever seen.
Combining the Rosa Chinensis with the Rosa Multiflora, Asif was able to create a new, long-stemmed rose which he named the Gohar rose. The rose itself is beautiful. It is a vibrant red colour with large petals and green, fresh leaves on its stem. Regular clients of the flower shop instantly fell in love with it and after less than a week, the Gohar rose had sold out leaving Asif to create more.
One client said: “The rose is beautiful. Asif has done a brilliant job and I will be buying more when they are next in stock.” while another said: “The Gohar rose will go nicely in my garden with the tulips that also came from Asif’s shop.” Having a loyal customer base made it easier for Asif to sell his new rose as his regular customers are very generous but also very honest. This meant if the rose didn’t appeal to them, Asif would have discontinued it in his store.
Talking about the creation stage of the Gohar rose, Asif said: “I tested many different roses together before I found the perfect combination. Some of them were too small and some had too little colour.” Asif takes his work very seriously and makes sure he gives his customers what they want in order that they continue to use his business.
As Asif Ali Gohar creates more of his new rose, he has begun to create deals with other countries including the USA, Canada, France and the UK. These deals include shipping the Gohar rose to be sold there as well as giving details of the manufacturing process so the flower can be created worldwide.
The Gohar rose is the perfect plant for new gardeners. It easy to grow and look after and requires minimal care. Simply water it once a day and clear up any petals that may have fallen. It blooms at the end of autumn so is the perfect way to brighten up your garden after the summer months. Asif Ali Gohar has ensured the Gohar rose is of good quality and is sold at an affordable price.

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