Topping off All of Ford’s Latest Pickup Truck Features With an F150 Bed Cover According to

Topping off All of Ford's Latest Pickup Truck Features With an F150 Bed Cover According to

These days, we depend on our vehicles for a number of reasons. They’re still our means of getting from point A to point B and back again, but they’ve become much more over the years. Vehicles are now meeting venues, mobile diners, and internet hotspots.

For some, vehicles even double as campers and quiet havens for when the chaos of everyday life becomes overbearing. At present, they’re also workhorses considering the fact that the nation’s latest top three sellers are all pickup trucks. Though the Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram are incredibly popular, the Ford F-Series pickup surpasses them all at more than 660,000 so far this year.

Looking Back in Time

Based on historical accounts, the Ford empire got its humble start back in 1896. Henry Ford began building vehicles behind his Detroit home at that time. By 1908, he was making waves in the automotive industry with the famous Model T. From there, he revolutionized the vehicle manufacturing process and brought mass production into the mix. Ford trucks came into play in 1917 with the launch of the Model TT. All those events paved the way for the latest F-150, which is already making headlines.

Exploring the New F-150

Most people picture purely functional features when they think of pickup trucks. Factors like power, towing capacity, bed space, and durability generally come to mind. These haven’t been left out of the picture with the 2021 F-150. Of course, plenty of other features are available as well according to

Hybrid Powertrain

Ford is offering an optional hybrid powertrain for all trim levels of its latest pickup truck. This system will automatically switch from gas to electricity or a combination of the two based on driving conditions. Its electric powertrain components recharge themselves via regenerative braking, meaning the truck doesn’t have to be plugged in like other hybrids. It’s also said to offer ample power and towing and hauling capacity. Accessories from companies like Peragon can help add to the versatility. 

Built-in Generator

Generators in varying power levels are available in the new F-150s as well. They’re built into the inside of the bed and have different outlets to accommodate various types of power tools or appliances. This transforms a mere pickup truck into a mobile power station, making it the perfect work truck. It’s also great for recreational outings, and you can browse around here for more ideas in this department.

On top of all this, Ford’s latest pickups come with plenty of connectivity and driver-assist features, such as a backup camera, infotainment system, emergency braking, and hands-free driving. Some say The new Ford F-150’s coolest feature is a in-car desk. It’s made up of a folding console lid, and the gear shifter can simply be pushed out of the way when the desk is in use. 

An All-in-One Vehicle

Ford began making a name for itself more than a century ago. Today, it’s one of the most innovative automakers on the market. No doubt, the latest F-150 will continue to hold Ford’s top spots in the industry. From folding seats and multi-purpose tailgates to interior comfort and modern safety features, this model is sure to please.

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