Now On Kickstarter, Solid Exotic Hardwood Dice Trays

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a new collection of hardwood dice trays crafted from a single piece of hand-picked hardwood.

Four Corners Games, a leading manufacturer of products for gamers, by gamers, has been making waves across the industry since 2019. Committed to manufacturing high-quality products for gamers, Four Corners Games is excited to announce a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support its new collection of professional personal and multi-player dice trays.

Designed to be sleek and unique, Four Corners Games’ new dice trays capture the eye by using beautiful, exotic hardwoods. Each crafted from a single hardwood piece, dice trays come to life with professional craftsmanship and meticulous care. Preserving the appearance of natural wood by avoiding dyes or stains, Four Corners Games maintains each tray’s uniqueness by showcasing the grains, color saturations, and striation patterns of the wood from which it came. Additionally, each tray’s interior surface is lined with full-grain leather that preserves the integrity of dice and keeps each roll as smooth as the last.

A beautiful collection of personal and multi-player dice trays, each proves beautiful and exotic. Current hardwood types, for both the personal and multi-player trays, include: Cherry, known for its light pinkish brown color that darkens to a reddish-brown with time; Black Walnut, a classic woodworking favorite with streaks of light brown and dark chocolate coloring; Padauk, with pale pinkish-orange to a deep red or deep burnt orange color; and Purpleheart, a dense and vivid exotic hardwood that can vary from a soft orchid to deep shades of violet, slowly fading to bring out a dark brown color with hues of purple.

Each dice tray is the perfect size for individual or multi-player games, even when table space may be at a premium. For a limited time, help support these elegant, sleek, and beautiful dice trays by Four Corners Games on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from this campaign will be used to support associated development and production costs. Backers can support this project for as little as $1 and receive a shoutout on The Four Corners Games Podcast, or pledge the total cost of a personal or multi-player dice tray of their choice to receive it when production concludes in April 2021. 


Founded in 2019, Four Corners Games is on a mission to provide the best and highest quality products for gamers, by gamers.  Now crowdfunding a signature line of personal and multi-player dice trays on Kickstarter, Four Corners Games’ is creating unique products with exotic hardwood and professional craftsmanship that show a culmination of the finest design, functionality, and aesthetics.

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