Dr. Guy Cappuccino Offers SmartLipo, A Smart Way to Lose Excess Body Fat

Dr. Guy Cappuccino helps women get rid of unwanted fat and regain shape with the groundbreaking Smartlipo Liposuction surgery.

Dr. Guy Cappuccino, the board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, is offering the SmartLipo system too. It offers all the benefits of conventional liposuction and many other additional benefits as well.

“Our clinic is delighted to offer SmartLipo, a highly advanced liposuction process that ensures seamless results,” says Dr. Guy Cappuccino. “SmartLipo is minimally invasive and is the best option available for easy removal of excess body fat. With our unmatched expertise in the area of cosmetic surgery, we can provide the best solutions under one roof for all your beauty related problems.”

With technology in the field of liposuction improving continually, thousands of men and women in the United States are opting for this procedure every year. The traditional method of liposuction offers many benefits. The introduction of SmartLipo has undoubtedly made it easier for patients to attain their beauty goals. With SmartLipo, they can enjoy the skin tightening benefit as well, which is a huge plus point of this process. Patients looking for the best lipo surgery near me can contact Dr. Guy Cappuccino.

The Maryland-based board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Guy Cappuccino, has performed numerous liposuction procedures to date and is regarded as the best surgeon for liposuction Maryland. A personal consultation with the surgeon can help patients determine the right procedure for attaining their aesthetic goals.

According to Dr. Cappuccino, the SmartLipo procedure is in high demand among women as it can treat the problem areas that affect most women such as the abdomen, breasts, hips, knees, neck, face, and chin. Depending on the areas to be treated and the size of the treatment, the procedure can be completed in around two hours.

The growing popularity of SmartLipo can also be attributed to the fact that it is a highly safe process and can be carried out under local anesthesia in most cases. There are advanced delivery systems that ensure accurate monitoring of skin temperature and ensure that the levels of energy delivered are safe for the patient.

Dr. Cappuccino adds that with the SmartLipo laser, plastic surgeons can ensure a higher level of precision in their fat removal efforts. The laser must simply be aimed at fat cells to melt them. They can then be easily removed from the body using a tiny cannula.

The cannula makes fat removal easier than before. It also reduces the chances of scarring and there are smaller incisions on the skin than what appears when traditional liposuction procedures are used.

Dr. Cappuccino highly recommends SmartLipo for women battling excess fat issues that simply refuse to budge despite stringent exercising and dieting. There are many other ways of losing body fat but it is only with Smart Liposuction procedure that patients can enjoy the additional benefit of skin tightening. This is achieved because of the specialized laser wavelengths that result in the development of collagen fibers in the skin. It promotes tissue coagulation that results in tightening of the loose skin in the treated areas.

With less swelling, fewer bruising, lower recovery times, and more effective results, there is no doubt that SmartLipo scores over all other ways of losing excess body fat. Patients can return to their routine faster. They also love the fact that they can get a personalized body shaping solution that helps meet their beauty goals.

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