Civil Law Takes Special Skills when Several Areas of Practice Exist, Especially in Houston

Attorney Brian D. Williams is a specialist in all types of family law, tax law, bankruptcy, wills, probate issues, and even estate issues and debt relief.  Attorney Williams not only knows how complex family law can be, he can tackle tax law, bankruptcies, wills, trusts and estates, as he is experienced also in economics and accounting.  Family law can encompass all other facets of law.  However, family law takes a special touch as it is fraught with emotional conflicts among the parties involved.  From issues on child custody to issues on child support, a good attorney, especially in family law is always needed when facing issues concerning disputes in this field.  

Emotions run high in family law and an attorney needs to bring empathy and patience to the practice. 

Divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved.  All types of issues need resolution such as custody, support, possible alimony payments, and of course, the division of all marital property.  Even when not legally married, couples can experience acrimonious issues whenever children, or jointly purchased property is involved.  In Texas, as in all states, there can be somewhat different laws regarding the resolutions and regulations governing these issues.  Texas is a “no fault” divorce state, which means there is no need to prove wrongdoing on the part of the plaintiff (the person filing for divorce).  It also is a state that does not recognize “legal separation.”  While parties might not live together and are therefore separated, they are still legally married in the eyes of the state of Texas until a final divorce decree occurs

A legal separation is a type of “de facto” agreement between parties.

However, it is not recognized in the state of Texas, and parties without an attorney can flounder.  Divorce is never a DIY (Do It Yourself) type of issue, especially if property and child custody, plus support are involved.  De facto agreements simply are a court-based decision that impacts property and child custody agreements until an actual divorce decree occurs.  It can be helpful in many cases and can buy time for divorcing parties, but it is not available in Texas.  To complicate family law issues in Texas, many times there are tax issues that come into play.  These also can be handled efficiently by Attorney Williams. 

Attorney Williams also assists in all wills, estate issues, probate issues, bankruptcy and debt relief.

After the death of a loved one, family members may wrestle with these issues.  Probate issues are especially complex and as with family law, Texas has certain regulations, and statutes, and there are also federal guidelines that must be researched and acknowledged.  Proper filing of all paperwork in a timely manner must happen.  Debts must be paid off first and all assets researched and accounted for.  To succeed in any type of family law, tax, wills, trusts, estates, or probate issues in Texas an attorney like Brian Williams who is familiar with the area is a necessity almost. 

About Attorney Brian D. Williams

Attorney Williams practices family law, tax law, estate law, wills, probate and handles bankruptcy filings and issues.  He has experience in family law and economics and accounting.  With an office in Spring Texas, his practice extends throughout the Houston metro area.  There is a phone, email, and contact form.  He welcomes all questions and comments.  Spanish language is also available for clients that speak Spanish.  He can also provide some debt relief solutions and counseling.   

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