Negotiate for the best prices real-time with 4Kommerce, AI-powered multi-vendor e-commerce Marketplace

No more abandoned items in shopping carts due to lack of best prices and buyer checkout anxiety. A Kickstarter campaign has introduced an innovative AI-backed e-commerce platform that will eliminate checkout anxiety of buyers and prevent loss of sales for the same for online sellers. Titled “4Kommerce”, the e-commerce platform will let buyers negotiate prices online in real-time so that they don’t abandon goods at cart level, which will eventually help sellers to make a valid sale.

The USP of 4Kommerce is the revolutionary Computer-Assisted Negotiation Technology (CAN) which aims to be beneficial for both buyers and sellers. The automated technology will allow buyers to negotiate for a better price in real-time so that they don’t need to abandon their preferred goods on shopping carts due to unwanted price. As the technology mentioned previously is automated, a buyer doesn’t need to wait for the seller to agree on the price to get the best products at best deals. 

For sellers, 4Kommerce will allow their customers to purchase products at the best prices to eliminate risks of abandoned carts and lost sales. A seller would need to set the negotiation settings once, and based on that; the innovative CAN operating system will automate the transactions in real-time- even when the seller can’t be present to negotiate every offer personally.

The CAN system will operate tirelessly 24/7, based on the seller’s previous settings.

“It all started with me searching for a cheap camera for my son on eBay. I came across a few cameras and gave an offer. But I received an answer to my offer a few days later and by that time I have already changed my mind. It was then it struck me that it could have been great if we could have an application that could allow real-time negotiations. It should be something automated for sellers so that their stores can respond to every offer from each buyer even they aren’t personally present to attend the offer”, stated 4Kommerce founder, Gershon Wajntraub.

“On further research, we realized it would be ideal for building a full-on marketplace where sellers can sign up and post their products or post their entire storefront. This way, buyers will visit the marketplace, check the member-sellers’ products posted there, negotiate-prices in real-time, and buy on the spot. And that was how 4Kommerce was born.”

Getting the best prices for products posted on 4Kommerce is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Click on your chosen product to negotiate
  2. Click on “Make an Offer” bar
  3. Insert your starting offer
  4. You will receive a counteroffer. If you are okay to the offer, agree to it
  5. If you are not okay with the offer, click on the counteroffer to keep negotiating to the last dollar
  6. Once the price has been agreed, the item can be checked, and the seller will ship it out to your door 

“Around 70% of online shoppers tend to abandon nearly 1.79 trillion USD worth of products in shopping carts due to pricing issues. Just imagine how much sales are lost for online sellers due to cart abandonment! It’s a big loss for the whole online shopping scene as a whole. But, 4Kommerce comes to the rescue here with its innovative CAN technology that will increase the rate of purchase online and prevent loss of sales for the sellers as well. However, such a high-tech marketplace demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring 4Kommerce to life, improve business for sellers, and make shopping more economical for buyers.” 

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