Now On Kickstarter, Noah’s Ark In Space, A Project To Preserve Humanity’s Legacy In Orbit

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a project to launch a rocket, with your DNA sequence, name, or memories, to orbit for the future.

A new generation of amateur space exploration is now on the horizon. While rockets have been launched into space, the field of rocket science is still very much progressing. Now on Kickstarter, find a new project that is setting out to surpass previous amateur records in rocket science with the help and resources of gifted high school students and Robert Duncan, B.A., M.S., MBA, Ph.D.

Creating an interactive and engaging experience on the frontlines of rocket science, this new project will do far more than launch a single amateur rocket to space. Working with local students, the project will launch new careers in space exploration, surpass existing amateur launch record, and send traces of the human race to orbit for generations to come.

The rocket, named “Noah’s Ark,” will take payloads of human history into orbit in cryogenic stasis. Using affordable, lightweight data storage, supporters of the project will be able to upload and store copies of their personal history in the rocket’s payload. Entire DNA sequences, or simpler data like names and memories, can be sent to orbit for the first time. Early supporters of the project will have the unique opportunity to send a picture, family tree, or message from loved ones or themselves, while high-end supporters will have the data storage allocation necessary to upload entire DNA sequences to be preserved for humanity and beyond.

The Noah’s Ark rocket will be launched from 60,000 feet in the air to decrease fuel costs and will use modern GPS guidance systems with ground radar and video stream optical orientation. After launch, the rockets will return to Earth.

For a limited time, help support the Noah’s Ark rocket project on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from this campaign will be used to support the Noah’s Ark project, including associated development and launch costs. Backers can support this project for as little as $10 to receive monthly progress updates and the chance to send 1 MB of data to space. Additional reward options are available, complete with exclusive t-shirts, official certificates, and varying data storage allocations on the Noah’s Ark rocket. 


Noah’s Ark, an exciting new rocket project, is focused on preserving the human legacy in space. Sending DNA sequences and memories to orbit, Noah’s Ark will engage the minds of local high school students and encourage a new generation of space careers and exploration.

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