A DUI Charge Needs to be Taken Seriously in Burlington County, NJ

Individuals can sometimes dismiss a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), charge as nothing major and more of a nuisance than any other type of criminal charges.  But there are significant consequences if convicted, and these consequences do depend on a number of variables.  The consequences have a ripple effect and can result in financial loss through the loss of a job, the loss of a driving license, loss of friends and family members, marital discord, and even loss of reputation.  There is a stigma involved with any type of DUI conviction.  If any traffic stop, and detainment or charges for DUI are present, an attorney such as Mark A. Fury should be called immediately, especially in the Burlington County, NJ area.  Attorney Fury has years of experience in criminal defense and DUI is considered a criminal charge. Also referred to as DWI in Burlington County, the penalties can be high end monetary fines, or even jail time depending upon the history of the defendant.   DWI is essentially the same as DUI, but simply means Driving While Intoxicated.  These two terms can be used interchangeably throughout the state of NJ and across the USA. 

Although sometimes taken lightly by detainees, a DUI/DWI can turn into a criminal conviction.

Depending upon the amount of intoxication and the amount of times a possible suspect is stopped, a judge, who usually sentences a defendant after conviction can level heavy jail time penalties.  These penalties can be mitigated sometimes by remanding a convicted offender to community service, or by instructing the defendant to seek treatment options if a judge does suspect long-term use of a substance thereby signaling a possible addiction.  The laws do vary greatly from state to state an area attorney in Burlington, NJ, who specializes in criminal defense, is needed by individuals in this area.  In New Jersey, the amount of jail time can be a minimum of 24 hours or a maximum of 48 days.  Judicial discretion is always part and parcel of the entire sentencing structure and a defendant’s demeanor and willingness to cooperate.  Of course, a judge can suspend a driving license, especially with repeat offenders, and insurance rates may skyrocket with each charge of DUI/DWI. This does not factor the fines and court costs, which also are assessed upon someone that is convicted of DUI in Burlington, NJ

If stopped for any traffic infraction and subjected to a DUI/DWI detainment an attorney is needed. 

Most detainments and arrests for DUI/DWI generally start out as a routine traffic stop.  Either running a stoplight, or stop sign, or erratic driving gives any officer of the law probable cause to stop a driver.  After the stop occurs, if signs of mental impairment or substance abuse are apparent a suspect can then be taken into custody.  It is important to remain calm and call a criminal defense attorney immediately before saying anything that can be used against someone in court.  Only a criminal defense attorney with experience will be able to handle a case wisely, especially in the Burlington, NJ area.  Mark A. Fury, PC stands ready to help you seek justice. 

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