TR Cutler Industrial Journalist Looks at Autonomous Forklifts for The Manufacturing Report

TR Cutler Industrial Journalist Looks at Autonomous Forklifts for The Manufacturing Report

Industrial journalist, TR Cutler makes the case for autonomous forklifts during COVID-19 in the recent issue of The Manufacturing Report. Cutler spoke with Nic Temple  of Global AGV who shared that manufacturers operating two or more forklifts currently, must consider the merits of replacing one unit as a critical return-to-work strategy during the pandemic. 

According to Cutler, fewer than 2% of forklifts sold in North America are automated, yet there has never been a greater need for this technology. Many manufacturers are looking to automate material handling processes because it reduces the potential for COVID-19 exposure by reducing human contact. 

Essential manufacturers working throughout the pandemic have been forced to deal with social distancing and PPE (personal protective equipment) required for employee safety. The money that manufacturers must spend on masks, gloves, face shields, and Lexan plastic partitions is difficult to recoup for a small or midsized operation. Temple shared that automated material handling helps a company keep working through these challenges as the only viable return-to-work strategy. 

Temple shared Global AGV is happy to work with small manufacturers who have never ventured in the mobile space and simply want to see the merits of a single autonomous forklift, particularly during the pandemic. He added the breakthrough is selling an automated forklift as a product rather than a project. Instead of a $200k installation cost, it can be $0 when using salaried labor. If the manufacturer wants a turnkey solution, a local network of system integrators is available. 

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