New Flow Plumbing Announces Ability To Detect Gas Leaks

New Flow Plumbing Announces Ability To Detect Gas Leaks
New Flow Plumbing, Roseville, has announced it can detect natural gas leaks in the Roseville Area.

Natural gas leaks are usually found by gas companies. However, now New Flow Plumbing, a Roseville sewer plumber, is able to find a gas leak. The company announces that they have the proper equipment, and the trained personnel, to find a natural gas leak inside houses, and outside in the yard, without having to call the gas company.  Gas leaks can be very dangerous. It’s not the same as a water leak that just costs money; a gas leak can cost lives.  

A gas leak is flammable.  Just a tiny spark from a cigarette can cause the gas to ignite.  If it ignites inside a house, the house could be destroyed.  

Gas gets to a house through pipes.  That’s why a plumbing company in Roseville like New Flow Plumbing is the right place to call for natural gas odors.  Plumbing companies have extensive experience working with pipes.

Over time, the fittings that hold the gas pipes together can degrade and gas can escape.  Besides the fittings, the actual pipes in the ground outside the house come in daily contact with dirt. Naturally occurring chemicals in the earth like salts and chlorine eventually erode the pipes and cause gas to leak out of pipes.  Tree roots are a common problem with pipes because their roots are initially tiny enough to get into a crack; as they grow they force the pipe open.  

New Flow Plumbing is able to find these cracks and leaks using their state-of-the-art leak detection equipment.  Inside the house or outside the house, these leaks can be found.

About New Flow Plumbing

New Flow Plumbing was founded as a family owned business doing plumbing repairs. Over the years they have expanded to fiber optic camera inspections of sewer lines, and now have expanded to repairing gas line leaks.  With over 25 years of combined experience, they are licensed and ready to tackle any type of pipe issue.

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