Renowned Lithium Battery Company Wins Prestigious Contract with General Dynamics Land Systems

Renowned Lithium Battery Company Wins Prestigious Contract with General Dynamics Land Systems
The Lithium Battery Company manufactures lithium ion batteries for military vehicles.

Tampa, FL – The Lithium Battery Company is pleased to announce it has been selected for a new multiyear award contract with General Dynamics Land Systems.

The Lithium Battery Company has reinvented lithium ion battery technology.  They have expanded the market by innovating lithium ion batteries that are fully customizable for the most demanding battery missions. 

LBC invented an exclusive battery management system that is programmable to meet the high endurance battlefield requirements for the GDLS Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT) UGV.

The company is focused on designing customized lithium ion battery systems for OEM manufactures that offer up to 60% more energy-density, and 70% less weight compared to traditional lead-acid and AGM batteries. 

The proprietary battery management system technology can be monitored in real-time through an on-board computer, creating the ability to adjust performance parameters from anywhere in the world.

LBC’s lithium battery technology will be used inside unmanned combat vehicles.  The fleet of new battlefield vehicles will help to modernize the Army’s inventory of robots, and therefore increase their reach, autonomy, and load capacity during combat.

“Over the last six years we have been diligently working with General Dynamics, and we are extremely excited to be working on battery systems for the MUTT transport vehicle,” says founder of Lithium Battery Company, Nathan A. Staron.  “We are honored to be a part of such an elite team of individuals, and humbled LBC has been given the opportunity to provide additional support to military frontlines with our exclusive battery technology.”

The company’s contract, worth $249 million, will span over five years and will be based on General Dynamics’ Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT) UGV – and eight-wheel battlefield cargo carrier.  Additionally, the MUTT and its powerful lithium ion battery capabilities will provide the Army with power generation for recharging batteries and powering modular mission payloads.

“We look forward to our work and partnership with General Dynamics over the coming years,” adds Staron.

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The batteries manufactured and sold by Lithium Battery Company are processed using precise, accurate, and efficient methods to ensure they are certified by ISO, CE, ROHS, etc.  The company’s prime products are Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, and Lithium Polymer Battery.

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