How Aura Fire Safety Is Helping Facility Managers Prepare For Fire Code Compliance

Fire codes have over 50 different types of permit requirements, such as those for buildings that have combustible or flammable materials, hazardous materials, or high-piled storage. Moreover, regardless of the local permit or license, a fire inspector has the authority to enter any building with just cause. Aura Fire Safety is here to make it easy for you to meet new and old San Francisco fire alarm code ordinances. We get your property fully protected and code-compliant.

Building owners and managers are accountable to local fire codes through permits and business license inspections. These fire code inspections are usually carried out by local fire marshals and other fire code inspectors and officials.

Here are 4 violations frequently-cited by local fire code inspectors. These are violations every building owner or manager would be wise to look out for:

1. Blocked Fire Department Valves And Connections

Fire department response needs to be fast to be effective. Take care not to obstruct fire department connections or the path to them. Trees, boulders, pallets, vehicles, tractor-trailers, and other items in the way of the fire department connection are violations of local fire code that allows fires to increase in size, increases firefighter injuries, and slows down the rescue of residents.

2. Improper Storage In The Fire Pump Rooms

Fire pump and riser rooms are spaces meant for fire protection equipment. Storage of non-fire-protection equipment such as cleaning supplies, file cabinets, shelving, and storage buckets are not permitted under codes and standards. These stored items can clutter the room and often slow down or prohibit accessing valves during an emergency.

3. An Outdated Fire Alarm System

When buildings are sold, the fire alarm system often needs to be updated to accommodate fire code ordinances. Fire codes do not regulate real estate sales of existing buildings, and building owners who upgrade their processes often fail to update their fire protection system. As a result, local code enforcers are the ones who wind up advising an unsuspecting owner of the necessary upgrades.

4. Hanging Items From Fire Alarm Systems

Fire codes prohibit hanging or supporting anything on exposed fire alarm systems such as lighting, signs not related to the alarm system, and wiring. Lightweight items may seem insignificant, but they are not a part of the fire protection system — and may cause surprising issues due to chemical incompatibility with plastic piping, electrical shorts, or spurring vibration in the system.

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