Fleet Trailer Repair Available in Houston and the Surrounding Area

Fleet Trailer Repair Available in Houston and the Surrounding Area

Many businesses in and around the Houston area have very large fleets to manage. This can make keeping every trailer in tip-top shape rather difficult. Thankfully, though, you don’t have to figure it out alone. Ferguson Truck Center is very adept at helping companies of all sizes to develop workable fleet maintenance and repair schedules. Some companies choose to have all of their trailers serviced on a given schedule a few times per year. Others set reminders to have trailers and trucks serviced individually when they hit a certain number of miles. What’s right for you will depend on the age of your fleet, the number of miles you put on each part of your fleet, and more. However, Ferguson is always happy to help each client create an individualized schedule that works for them, and they can help in all other facets of fleet management as well.

Help From The Outside In

While many fleet management companies will only help with the internal and working components of your fleet, Ferguson is one of the few that provides services for the body or external parts of your fleet as well. Thus, companies that want to get all of their fleet-related needs taken care of in one place—which is a whole lot better than having to communicate with multiple services—will love working with them. Just a few of the many external truck services that Ferguson can help with are:

  • Door repairs or replacements

  • Liftgate maintenance, repair, and installation

  • Roof repair

  • General trailer modifications

For a full list of services or questions about a specific external job, don’t hesitate to contact Ferguson, which you can easily do by going to

Fast Service When Those Warning Lights Are Flashing

One of the most dreaded things for a fleet manager to notice is that warning lights are flashing on a fleet truck. When this happens, some services will not see their clients or help them. Instead, they’ll just say to let the problem go until the next scheduled maintenance date. However, this is awful advice since many problems will only grow worse and, in many cases, more costly to fix if they’re ignored for even a short time. That’s why Ferguson prides itself on and sets itself apart by offering fast help in an emergency or unexpected situation. So, whether there’s a breakdown or just those pesky warning lights, Ferguson is always on the customer’s side.

Believe it or not, these are just a few examples of how Ferguson helps truck and trailer owners. Learn more about other services at https://fergusontruckcenter.com/, and see why Ferguson truly excels at fleet trailer and truck repair and servicing. Businesses in and around the Houston area can rely on them for all of their fleet needs. The first step is just to contact them. They’ll take the time to get to know your business and its needs and, from there, can start providing you with the kind of considerate service you’ve likely never experienced before.

Ferguson Truck Center provides commercial truck services that clients in and around the Houston area can rely on. In business for over three decades, Ferguson is proud to offer superior help with truck maintenance, emergency wrecker services, and even bodywork. For quality service with a smile, Ferguson Truck Center is the ideal choice.

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