Sky Palmer aka SkyDirects Launches his new Startup Pressful a Journalist Video Interviewing Platform

SAN FRANCISCO – JULY 21, 2020 – Sky Palmer is also known as SkyDirects is a music video and movie director formerly known for directed over 100 videos and currently, in production for his debut film Run Nixon starring Lil Fizz from B2K. Showing his versatility, Sky recently announced he is on a mission to redefine the press industry with his newest startup called Pressful.

The Pressful project appeared naturally to the creative visionary. In mid of 2019, Sky Palmer was raising funds to produce his debut movie Run Nixon. Sky decided to raise the money by crowdsourcing through Kickstarter. He knew he needed to create some noise to get his campaign noticed, so Sky and leading actor Jordan Lee Brown took it to the streets to raise awareness by holding a sign in front of the Netflix building in Hollywood, CA. DIY style.

Despite the energy and enthusiasm behind it, that plan failed, so Sky attempted to get journalists to interview him for more exposure. The results? After reaching out to thousands of journalists he was only able to get one interview. This is where the pivot took place. Rather than being simply frustrated by the experience, Sky realized he’s not alone in this space of trying to get exposure, so he did some research and found out that most publicist and PR firms charge an arm and leg for their services. And the approach these firms were taking all seemed extremely outdated, to put it mildly.

Sky put the movie on pause and created Pressful on August 11th, 2019. It wasn’t until February of 2020 when Sky’s partner Mich Vital asked what he was doing with Pressful and presented an eye-opening idea: “what if Pressful did video interviews for companies closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic?”

Mich said, they can use LETSFILMIT to film company interviews, but Sky pointed out that he felt it wouldn’t work because the film crew couldn’t safely be near each other even if the crew were small.

After pondering the challenge an “ahh moment sparked” with Sky and Mitch realizing they could do virtual video interviews and get journalists to sign up and conduct the interviews from the comfort, and safety, of their own space.

But what would journalists think?

Sky and Mich needed to validate if journalists would be willing to host interviews remotely. Word got out that Pressful was searching for journalists and on Sky’s birthday May 6th, 2020 over 1500 journalists signed up ranging from major TV outlets like Netflix, Nickelodeon, and Fox News, to name some highlights. This validated the Pressful concept and the race was on.

Sky and his development team immediately started coding the dashboard where journalists can create an account and host interviews and customers can also search for journalists to get interviewed. Pressful had one more goal to make its services unique, that was adding press distribution. Pressful was able to partner up with one of the largest leading news wire company in the industry, who is thrilled to support such a unique concept. They will be providing distribution for each video interview to all the major news outlets, something that is certainly an amazing accomplishment.

What at first appeared to be a failed journey, in reality, was a much bigger door opening. And now there’s serious momentum as they move forward with a unique vision and a higher purpose.

Sky is proud to present Pressful as the next biggest tech company to come out of the 2020 pandemic. It’s also important to not forget that Sky Palmer and Mich Vital are both young African Americans that are pushing to be the first black billionaires in the tech space. While staying true to themselves.

If you are a company that has these same exposure issues and prefer not to waste thousands of dollars on PR companies, we highly recommend you try Pressful. The future is now.

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