PrimeTracking announces the launch of CarSmart, a plug-and-play GPS tracker for vehicles

Los Angeles, CA, USA – PrimeTracking is a renowned name in the GPS Tracking industry due to its innovative and affordable products. CarSmart is the vehicle GPS Tracker introduced by PrimeTracking to help the vehicle owners easily monitor the activity of their asset and manage it accordingly. CarSmart makes the car smarter, which is one smart move. It is an easy-to-install real-time GPS tracker that is truly plug and play-just push it into the port right under the steering wheel and never miss any movement of the vehicle.

CarSmart allows the users to keep track of where, when, and how fast their car is going. The developers have designed a mobile application that is compatible with phones, tablets, and laptops enabling the users to access all the information on their fingertips. CarSmart also notifies the car owner in case of accidents or emergency break downs. This vehicle tracker does not only detect the movements of the car but also alerts the owner of any potential mechanical problems within the interiors of the vehicle.

The engineers and management at PrimeTracking constantly strive to upgrade their products to better serve their clientele. While talking about the benefits of CarSmart, one of the spokespersons of the company said: “Our car tracker is more than a simple GPS. It offers accurate data on your engine’s health and can even let you know what speed the driver is going and route history. You can also find out important data such as driver score, fuel level, or maintenance alerts. Our monitoring fee is just $25 /month or $20 / month for 6 months. Cancel anytime, no contracts or activation fees. SIM Card INCLUDED. This GPS tracking device uses an alert system in case of accidents, breakdowns, or any mechanical problems that you are about to encounter. This makes each trip a lot safer and can even help you recover a stolen vehicle.”

One of the best features of the CarSmart is Geofencing. With this feature, the owners can set a boundary on the satellite-enabled Google Maps. They will be notified via the mobile app whenever the car leaves the prescribed boundary. This allows the users to feel themselves in control of the situation and enables them to take necessary actions if required. Furthermore, the device also monitors all of the car’s systems and alerts the owners about maintenance and repair issues. The owners can spare themselves from being surprised by a “check engine” light or dead battery. CarSmart also lets the owners know if someone is driving too fast, or recklessly. They get unsafe driving alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and even rough cornering.

CarSmart is available to be purchased from Amazon.

About the Company:

As a manufacturer of high-quality GPS trackers, PrimeTracking is committed to helping you feel safe, secure, and empowered by information. CarSmart is a GPS tracking device that enables car owners to keep an eye on their vehicles from wherever they want.

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