Entrepreneur and Advocate Empowering Teen Moms and At-Risk Youth

Entrepreneur and Advocate Empowering Teen Moms and At-Risk Youth

“Adams’s mantra is “Sowing seeds and watching the harvest””

Chicago, IL – Lisa D. Adams, the CEO of the Lisa Adams Group and LD Adams Enterprise, is a mother, grandmother, award-winning author, actress,  filmmaker, leader, Self-Love and Inspirational Coach, teacher, mentor, and philanthropist. Empowered by her own lessons, Lisa, advocates healthy relationships as a motivational speaker.

She has endured her own challenges with loneliness, sickness, depression, and the need for validation. Because of this, she established The Lisa Adams Group. Through this organization, Lisa helps teen moms and at-risk youth with challenges such as self-esteem, relationships, school, bullying, home life, and their present state of mind. She delves deeply into their concerns to the root of their troubles. Lisa teaches coping mechanisms, how to build healthy relationships, to set attainable goals, and to stand in their power of awesomeness.

She received an Associates in Business Management  and a Bachelors of Science in Human Services from the University of Phoenix. Lisa is a member of St. John E. M. B. Church Youth Department, a member of True Black Girl Magic, and a board member of Jon Quil, NFP.

By nature, Lisa is a motivator. She pushes at-risk youth to move beyond circumstances to accomplish their biggest dreams.  Lisa does not believe in limitations. She sees potential in everyone and has the innate ability to help them strive for greatness.

Lisa loves working with youth. Lisa understands that her actions must speak louder than her voice, so these young people can overcome obstacles and embrace their success. When Lisa is not helping at-risk youth see past their limitations, she can be found hosting philanthropic events and making a difference in the lives of others. Her most recent documentary, “Help Me Help My Son,” premiered March 8, 2020 at Studio Movie Grill in Chicago, IL to a sold out theater. This documentary will be released for future showings at this historic theater.

Adams’s mantra is “Sowing seeds and watching the harvest”.

For more information or bookings, email at ldadamsenterprise@gmail.com or by phone at (708) 762-3267.

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