Aureus Inc. (Stock Symbol ARSN) is an Established Food Brand Acquisition and Development Company Now Marketing the Famous Yuengling’s Ice Cream Brand

  • Management Focused on Operations in High Sales Volume Food Sector. 

  • Primary Brand Yuengling’s Ice Cream Celebrates 100th Anniversary. 

  • Benefits from CARES Act, Funds for Growth, and Restructuring Debt. 

  • Now Marketing Through Boyer’s Markets via SuperValu Distributors.

Aureus Inc. (OTC ARSN) is a food brand development company focused on acquiring and growing well-established food brands. ARSN seeks opportunity, and in the food sector, this is enormous. ARSN evaluates acquisition potential and the growth that can occur with the application of new insights. 

ARSN management and ownership recently changed hands. The new company agenda is in acquiring specific assets in and related to the food industry, with emphasis on ice cream. ARSN owns the assets and trademarks of the Yuengling’s Ice Cream brand, and the exclusive right to market and sell the products of the brand. The goal of ARSN in the operation is to consolidate all factors that are positive for the Yuengling’s brand into a synergistic success for shareholders as well as the next generation of Yuengling’s consumers. Yuengling’s is most similar to the very successful Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s brands. 

  • Yuengling’s Ice Cream Celebrates 100th Anniversary 

On July 14th. 2020 ARSN recognized Yuengling’s Ice Cream 100th Anniversary. While remembering its storied past, the company is very excited about Yuengling’s future.

Due to the start of Prohibition in 1920, Frank Yuengling, the owner of the brewery, started Yuengling’s Ice Cream. In 1935, once Prohibition was repealed, Frank spun off the company and turned the ice cream business over to his eldest son, Frederick Sr. who grew sales and opened several ice cream shops during his tenure. In 1963, Frederic Sr. turned the business over to his son, Frederick Jr. (Fritz). In 1985, Fritz wanted to retire but all of his children already had careers and did not want to take over the business. So, the Yuengling family made the difficult decision to stop production. The business never really went away, though, as people talked about the ice cream for years.

In late 2012 Yuengling’s Ice Cream was planned for a relaunch. After a year of planning, the ice cream was back on shelves in January 2014. Demand was high and the company grew fast.  Yuengling’s agreed to be acquired by ARSN in June 2019. 

  • Benefits from CARES Act, Directing Funds to Growth and Works with Sr. Lender on Restructuring Debt

On May 20th. 2020 ARSN announced that Yuengling’s Ice Cream was benefiting from the passage of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act and, in parallel, is working on restructuring its debt. Through the CARES Act, Yuengling’s has qualified for six months of payment relief from its SBA loan. This economic relief is allowing Yuengling’s to focus those funds, previously committed to debt, into growing the business and the brand. Yuengling’s also is working with its senior lender on restructuring its remaining debt. 

  • Yuengling’s Ice Cream Expands Footprint with Boyer’s Markets through SuperValu Distributors

On May 12th. 2002 ARSN announced that Yuengling’s Ice Cream is available at Boyer’s Food Markets.  Yuengling’s will utilize the distribution services of SuperValu, which is owned by United Natural Foods (“UNFI”).

Boyer’s is a family and employee-owned group of retail grocery stores with 18 locations in eastern Pennsylvania. Boyer’s store footprint is smaller than the large chain stores but are located in prime locations in smaller cities and towns. Boyer’s maintains the exceptional customer service and feel one would expect from a small-town, traditional grocery store. And, as their slogan states, “Shop Fast and Save Money”, Boyer’s makes shopping easy with very competitive prices. Boyer’s initially is selling seven of Yuengling’s Pint flavors. 

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