Secure Components Reminds Buyers to Purchase Authentic Masks After New Studies Show That N95 Masks Are Effective

Secure Components Reminds Buyers to Purchase Authentic Masks After New Studies Show That N95 Masks Are Effective

Norristown, PA – July 22, 2020 – Breaking research provides clarification regarding the best materials for use in masks intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Researchers at the University of Arizona recently assessed the abilities of various nontraditional mask materials to offer protection from COVID-19 infection following varying exposure periods in a highly contaminated environment. The results are of extreme significance to the team at Secure Components because they point to the efficacy of N95 masks in regards to blocking the COVID-19 virus.

University of Arizona researchers determined that N95 masks offer the highest amount of protection for blocking COVID-19. In this study, N95 masks were shown to reduce average risk by 94 percent to 99 percent during 20-minute and 30-second exposures. Scarves were only able to reduce infection risk by 44 percent. The study also found that using a cotton shirt as facial protection was only slightly more effective than wearing no protection. However, the researchers involved in this study noted that authentic N95 masks are hard to come by.

The Secure Components leadership team has been following the many studies regarding the effectiveness of N95 masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) in recent weeks. In addition to this study from the University of Arizona, multiple releases from the CDC and FDA stress the importance of wearing suitable masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Secure Components is a company that is uniquely positioned to help industrial, medical and commercial enterprises source authentic N95 gear because it has long-standing supplier relationships with government and private agencies.

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing a lot of new suppliers pop up that might not have the supply chain or credibility needed to ensure that people who place orders are getting authentic N95 masks,” says a member of the Secure Components leadership team on the topic of the unprecedented demand for masks. Many sellers have flooded the Internet with mask supplies that don’t necessarily come with the proper certifications or quality-control measures. The Secure Components team has voiced concerns that enterprises may be purchasing supplies to keep their staff members safe are offering a false sense of security.

Secure Components has announced that it is accepting new clients seeking N95 masks and PPE in response to the high demand for authentic products. The company is also urging enterprises to avoid the use of masks and materials that haven’t been proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19. New customers can reach out to the Secure Components sales team online or over the phone to inquire about specific products.

About Secure Components

Founded in 2008, Secure Components is an AS9120-certified company that has completed more than 4,500 contracts for the Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The company also supplies masks and equipment to several commercial and private entities. Secure Components is uniquely prepared to assist with the procurement of authentic N95 masks and PPE during COVID-19 due to its long-standing role as an approved vendor to prevent line-down situations and mitigate counterfeit materials on behalf of American defense contractors.

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