Provo Roofer Firm Publishes New Blog Article On Shingle Roof Care

Provo Roofer Firm Publishes New Blog Article On Shingle Roof Care
Repair measures on roofs vary according to the type of roofing, as well as the construction and design of the structure. In a recent blog article, the Provo firm offers tips on shingle roofs and their repair.

The Provo Roofer is dedicated to providing full-service roofing care to residents and businesses throughout the Provo, Utah area. A recent article on the roofer website is titled ‘Shingle Roof Repair Coatings.’ Shingle roofs are a popular option for many homeowners for their appearance, as well as for their durability. While they are a long-lasting option, shingles do wear out over time. The article discusses some types of roof surface coatings, which particularly apply to shingle roofs.

The appearance of any roof is an important part of curb appeal. This requires preventing deterioration as evidenced by facing or graying, and breakdown of the structure itself. A simple roof repair is unable to restore older shingles’ appearance in the same way that coatings would. These applications will restore the look of the roof, prevent heat loss, and are effective in preventing further deterioration. Because shingles come in various styles and are constructed of different materials, it is important to match the right coating with the underlying material. 

Some of the conventional roof coatings include silicone, acrylic, polyurethane, bitumen-based, and asphalt. Each of these has characteristics that are suited to specific weather climates and roofing materials. Silicone works well for rainy climates and prevents the buildup of heat in attics, thanks to its shiny, reflective surfaces. Acrylic coatings are also reflective and are of either a solvent or water-based formula. The economy of acrylic coatings makes them popular with many customers.

Additional details are available at They also have a Youtube channel that they plan on updating more regularly. Here is a video they did on a roof repair in Lehi Utah.

Polyurethane coating on the roof means long-lasting shingles and an attractive look. This type of coating has the additional benefit of resistance to UV rays. Bitumen-based coatings are available as water or solvent formulations. Asphalt is manufactured in two forms: aluminized or black emulsions. They are reflective and check UV rays. 

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