Rising California Hip Hop Artist Announces New Party Anthem Release Date

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 22, 2020 – Emerging rapper, songwriter, composer, and producer, Dominic Richmond, announced the new song “MILE HIGH CLUB”, an energetic party anthem inspired by the musician’s international travels, will be released Aug 1, 2020. Incorporating electronic dance music (EDM) with hip hop, this song describes wild times on a party plane. “MILE HIGH CLUB” can be streamed on Spotify and other platforms where music is featured. 

“I was on a flight from Paris to LA and wrote a song about having a party on a plane,” the artist said, remarking on the composition’s inspiration. “For three minutes you can bop your head, party, and dance around like you’re flying on top of the world.” The track echoes exciting party singles from the early 2010s from artists such as LMFAO and Redfoo.

Attending University of San Diego, Dominic Richmond fashioned a small studio to complete his first EP, “Dom N’ Your M.O.M.”. Prior to completing this compilation, Richmond released two notable singles, “Am I Really OK?” and “IDC (But I Do)”. Inspiration for these tracks derives from the musician’s drive to evoke emotions in his audience and form a reciprocal emotive connection. Dominic Richmond’s debut song, “Don’t Shoot (BLM)”, addresses persistent racial inequalities in the US. The musician’s work drew cross-sectional attention, inciting emotional responses from solidarity to anger.

Dominic Richmond’s star is on the rise. Echoing music styles of trend-setting musicians like Logic, Still Woozy and Jon Bellion, Richmond’s emotion-driven and relevant composition themes distinguish him from the herd. The artist’s new single “MILE HIGH CLUB” will release Aug 1, 2020, on all music streaming and purchasing platforms.

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