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The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: “Cultural self-confidence.” The manifesto of this era also points out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Prosperity of culture means prosperity of the country, and a strong culture means a strong nation. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Culture is the backbone and soul of a nation. It creates the soul and character of a country and a nation. A nation can exist in the world only if it has cultural self-confidence. Only when the people have faith can the country have strength and the nation have hope. Cultural self-confidence is the most important factor contributing to these goals. 

Introduction to Guo Yinfeng

Born in Qingyang, Gansu in 1949, he joined the army in 1968 and worked in Tibet Military Region, Chengdu Military Region, Xi ‘an Second Artillery Engineering College of PLA and Xi ‘an Political College of PLA. After retiring in 1994, he worked in the General Office of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress as an inspector at the departmental level.

He works in painting and calligraphy art; Member of China Artists Association,

National first-class artist;

National first-class calligrapher;

Vice Chairman of the United Nations Association of Painters and Painters;

Vice Chairman of China Calligraphers Association;

Vice President of People’s Painting and Calligraphy Institute;

Director of the National Professional Art Talent Evaluation Committee;

Dean of Northwest Painting and Calligraphy Research Institute of China Calligraphy and Painting International University;

Vice Chairman of China Painting and Calligraphy Collectors Association;

Art consultant and doctoral tutor at Oxford College of Art, UK;

Researcher of Counselor’s Office and Literature and History Museum of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government;

Master of national ceremony art of PRC;

Meritorious figures of China’s intangible cultural heritage;

Top Ten Meritorious Figures in Painting and Calligraphy of the 14th Chinese Songs of the Earth;

In 2015, he was named an outstanding people’s artist;

In 2017, he was selected as a good brand influence figure in China;

In 2020, he was rated as a national artist with both virtue and art. 

Appreciation of Guo Yinfeng’s works 

Appreciation of Guo Yinfeng’s works 

Appreciation of Guo Yinfeng’s works 

Appreciation of Guo Yinfeng’s works 

Appreciation of Guo Yinfeng’s works 

Appreciation of Guo Yinfeng’s works 

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