iRender brings the best Cloud GPU services to suit all the AI and Deep Learning needs

With Blazing-fast cloud servers, iRender has GPUs and CPUs made specifically to meet all the needs required for AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Simple and easy to use yet powerful services that can run thousands of CPUs and GPUs parallelly. Suitable for individuals or large-scale enterprises.

Hanoi, Vietnam – With iRender, users can make use of cloud servers running powerful, robust GPUs specifically made to handle all the heavy work required for Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The cloud servers reduce the workload on the users’ system and handle all the GPU-intensive tasks and software, which means that users can then focus on training the data and modelling it instead of constantly worrying about the lag on their computer systems.

In this age of advancement, AI and Deep Learning are becoming essential for any kind of business that wants to scale, but not everyone and every business can afford to have supercomputers that can train the data and perform complex calculations from Neural Networks. With iRender, offering affordable cloud GPUs for Deep Learning that can basically turn any kind of simple computer into a supercomputer, the users can feel relaxed doing their work. The servers are efficient in handling all the tasks such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Simulation, Robotics, etc.:

iRender was developed with the most powerful GPU infrastructure that can handle all the heavy-duty tasks like a breeze. The GPUs used are GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080Ti with heavy-duty processors having multiple cores to support the heaviest workload. iRender provides cloud servers for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks such as Deep Learning, AI, 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and even gaming. iRender also provides specialized servers for intensive tasks with multiple architectures having GPUs such as NVIDIA TITAN Xp and RTX 2080 Ti with 11 to 12 GB vRAM, additionally, custom GPUs are also available with any kind of specifications to handle any kind of tasks for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

iRender lets the users increase their productivity at each stage, by providing an end-to-end Deep Learning processing platform. The iRender Cloud takes responsibility for the deployment and maintenance of the Deep Learning Models. There has been an increasing demand for a comprehensive development platform that provides infrastructure systems from physical hardware to IDEs environment. This is the reason why iRender is here, it allows Deep Learning and Machine Learning Engineers to have easy access to building their Deep Learning models and Neural Networks. The fact that Deep learning is coming into the same framework as traditional software development, owning a full set of useful tools helps businesses easily take control of building Deep Learning models. For Example, Google uses Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for its image and voice recognition. Netflix and Amazon use also use Artificial Intelligence for their recommendation systems.

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