Meet Manuel Marinari, The Man Behind Sway Society – Personal Influencer Social Media Manager

Manuel Marinari is the man behind S way Society, a Digital Marketing Agency that’s primary goal is to use influencers to promote brands and to get people famous. Whether you are a small business trying to gain traction or an individual who wants to get noticed, Manuel at Sway Society is determined to get you there. Sway Society can help to successfully create an online social media presence or expand on the one you already have.


Here’s a little bit about how they do what they do; they use 3 different forms of developing your online presence. Since Social Media is an unstoppable force in the world today, they take advantage of the opportunities and guide brands on how to have digital growth by using Social Media Management, Digital Growth, and Micro-Influencers. Since they have already built trust with Influencers online, they can be a successful vessel to utilize their fame and launch other people to success.

Micro-Influencers campaigns are very important to digital growth. Manuel at Sway Society knows just how significant it is to only work with professional influencers, and he knows how to select the correct ones by analyzing the audience and the data of the brand he is trying to grow. Given his vast pool of Micro-Influencers, he always makes the right connections, rather than shady social media managers that over-promise and under-deliver.

Sway Society is launching a new service which is a Social Media Management for Athletes and public figures; this will be backed by a big pool of Micro-Influencers with a large audience, and that have lots of experience in these fields. With their large network of connections, success awaits for any athlete that uses Sway.

The man behind Sway Society:

Manuel Marinari was born in Milan, Italy 1989. Manuel is a self-proclaimed geek and Pokemon lover and spends his freetime with videogames and card games. Whether it’s Pokemon or Magic the Gathering, Manuel loves being a “geek”.

At the age of 26 he left Italy and started traveling the world and He then later ended up in Taiwan to start a new career and opportunities as an Instagram Model & Influencer. After some time, he slowly transitioned the content from Modeling and Traveling, to Pokemon and Geek-related topics, which are his real passion and more in-line with his hobbies.


And in 2017, Manuel started Sway Society, helping brands and public figures build their content and grow their audience. At first working with amateur influencers, Manuel built his way up to working with important public figures and worldwide athletes.

Sway Society; Your Personal Influencer Social Media Manager

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