Monitors Global Travel Restrictions During COVID-19, Identifies Countries with Possible, Restricted, and Prohibited Entry, a powerful new travel planning tool, has made it possible to understand and monitor global travel trends and restrictions during the age of COVID-19. While the pandemic affected our ability to enter and exit countries around the world, Trendgall has emerged as a leading platform that monitors the world’s major tourist countries in real-time and reports on travel-related changes.

Updated daily for easy viewing, Trendgall provides must-know information for tourists and world travelers. In an ever-changing travel and immigration situation, policies of major countries are changing daily and in real-time to prevent COVID-19. Trendgall collects information from major international health organizations and news outlets and reports it to users by conveniently sorting countries into “entry possible,” “entry restricted,” and “entry prohibited” categories. From there, users can click on a country to read more in-depth information about its travel restrictions and get a helpful overview of the policies and procedures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To date, the platform currently monitors entry and exit restrictions in 18 major countries, including Spain, France, Australia, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Germany, and Macau, with an expansion planned. The platform is currently free to the public and can be accessed conveniently from PCs and smartphones worldwide.

Due to COVID-19, access to this changing information has never been more important. People worldwide are trusting Trendgall in record numbers to provide must-know travel information in the age of COVID-19. As countries continue to adopt restrictions to foreign travel, use Trendgall to understand what is happening before you get there for travel, business, study abroad trips, overseas dispatch, and more. 

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