Sanford Kahn, Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker, Announces Release of New eBook, “Rogue Thinking In the Age of Herd Mentality”

Long Beach, CA – Sanford Kahn, a best-selling business author and professional speaker, is bringing over 40 years of experience to his latest book, “Rogue Thinking In the Age of Herd Mentality.” Available now exclusively on Amazon, Kahn’s new book is helping people unlock their full potential by embracing new ways of thinking about some of the world’s most complex and powerful topics.

In “Rogue Thinking In the Age of Herd Mentality,” readers are exposed to a different and realistic view on life and its many events, devoid of popular myths and seductive illusions. With an open-read format, readers can explore the book’s many chapters in any order that they please and gain instant exposure to new views on happiness, religion, life, human behavior, class warfare, mental attitudes, and the intricacies of topics affecting the economy, government, and universe. Helping people break free of mass herd-like thinking, Kahn’s “Rogue Thinking In the Age of Herd Mentality” will help readers pursue a path less traveled and unlock individual success and advancement through a free spirit and an open mind.

Passionately dedicated to those who want to think independently and live differently, “Rogue Thinking In the Age of Herd Mentality” is now available in eBook format on Amazon. A guide book for an increasingly confusing and turbulent world, a new, fresh perspective is available for just $1.99, or free through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. It has never been easier to uncover and embrace a new way of thinking and harness the power of a free, open mind to overcome life’s many challenges.

About The Author

Sanford Kahn is a best-selling business author, economic consultant, and professional speaker with over 40 years of experience advising on the impact of future economic and business trends on planning and profitability. Treating economics as a study of human psychology, Kahn approaches his studies like the first economists, who were proud philosophers and students of human behavior.

In addition to writing and speaking, Kahn was the host and producer of the popular Times Mirror cablevision series “Ask the Economist.” His recent book, “Rogue Thinking in the Age of Herd Mentality,” explores unconventional ways of thought that break free from herd-like thinking and encourage a journey down roads less traveled. Kahn has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Florida in Engineering.

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