Pavelink Offers Durable and Long-Lasting Paving Solutions like Imprinted Concrete and Resin Bound Gravel

When it comes to outdoor surfacing, Pavelink is the number one expert. They offer different options for paving such as pattern-imprinted concrete and resin bound and bonded gravel. Based in Dublin, they cater to the city’s residents as well as those in surrounding counties.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is the latest innovation that’s sweeping the landscaping world. This revolutionary way outdoor surfacing is not only efficient but also affordable than other paving alternatives. It uses ready-mix concrete that’s poured directly on the surface and then stamped with the chosen design. It could replicate different looks such as cobbles, brick, tile, stone, or slate. The surface itself is very durable and strong. The concrete mix is made from fiber entrained to give it the strength. When it comes to this new way of paving, Pavelink is the go-to expert in Dublin. They have been providing the best quality paths, patios, and driveways for more than 10 years. They mainly cater to homes and businesses in Dublin as well as Kildare and Wicklow. They have many satisfied customers over the years.

Because Pavelink is a family-owned and operated business based in Dublin, it treats all its employees and customers as members of its family which really affects their customer service rating. They are known as good listeners and helpful. They take the input of their customers to heart in order to give them the results they want. Pavelink has been the leader when it comes to imprinted concrete driveways. They have many satisfied customers all over Dublin and around the country. And they have received numerous recommendations from the same clients who went with Pavelink for their paving and surfacing needs. All customers praise the quality of the surface, its durability, and have been amazed at how resilient it is to damage and weather.

Another paving service that Pavelink provides is resin bound and bonded gravel. Decorative stones and gravels add beauty and appeal to a property but they can be tough to maintain, plus it needs foreplanning for drainage. Pavelink has perfected the installation process that it has become a science to them. From planning to measurement to installation, they can complete the project in a short span of time and all within budget. The gravel surface they offer is permeable by nature, economical, available in different shapes and colors, and well suited for either modern or conventional properties.

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