Prestige Rug Spa Offers to Clean all Types of Rugs and Carpets for Homes and Businesses

Prestige Rug Spa is in the business of making sure a home is as beautiful and healthy by making sure the rugs and carpets are clean and free from germs. They are Dublin’s premier rug cleaning company that has been cleaning all types of rugs and carpets for many years.

Prestige Rug Spa is the go-to rug cleaning company for rug owners in Dublin and other surrounding areas. They service all types of rugs, whether contemporary or antique rugs. They can meticulously clean any hand-woven rug for collectors and homeowners. They also know how to clean and take care of tufted rugs, the most common type of rugs and carpets within Ireland. Flat-weave and felt needle rugs are also in safe hands with Prestige Rug Spa. They have a team of skilled and professional rug cleaning technicians trained in using rug cleaning equipment to return a dirty rug or carpet to its former glory. They can handle all types of rugs coming from all over the world – from Indian, Persian, Chinese, and even American rugs. Prestige Rug Spa is in the business of cleaning and beautifying the home one rug at a time.

Prestige Rug Spa built its reputation of being a first-class rug cleaning service in Ireland through years of working in the industry. They are known for their exceptional customer service as well as cleaning service. They don’t just clean carpets and rugs superficially, they ensure that it is washed and scrubbed through and through – removing dirt, debris, and bacteria in the process. The cleaning products they use are safe and eco-friendly. It is also biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Their cleaning technicians and cleaners are certified. And the business is completely insured so customers won’t have to worry anything.

The process of cleaning a rug or carpet is done with great attention to detail. The items are first inspected and customers consulted. Dusting and beating are done by machine to remove dry soil, hair, dust, and dust mites. For especially dirty items, it is passed through this process a couple of times. Then pre-treatment of the rugs and carpets is done by submerging it in water with mild detergents and softly brushed. Then it is passed through a wash cycle through a high-performance rug washing machine to uses water jets to remove all detergents. The item is then passed through a centrifuge to remove the water and then undergoes controlled drying. An inspection ensures the rug is properly cleaned before it is packed for delivery.

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