Digital Yuan Trader Is Making Investors Unprecedented Returns

As the development of Digital Yuan grows momentum, a few start-ups are jumping on the opportunity to make investors wealthy.

Despite the global economic crisis, the development of the Chinese national cryptocurrency is steadily progressing. And with asset prices deteriorating, more sophisticated investors are turning towards these new opportunities for higher returns.

A recent study surveying 12,380 profitable online traders in the UK revealed that 74.68% have recently invested their assets in one of the automated trading platforms integrating Digital Yuan.

One such start-up paving the way for others is called Digital Yuan Trader. The automated trading bot uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make accurate buy and sell decisions for assets listed on China’s stock exchanges and Digital Yuan.

Digital Yuan Trader uses Digital Yuan currency to access China’s stock market pricing information faster than it becomes publicly available. The newly released digital currency allows back-door access to stock market pricing, making this is the first start-up of its kind exploiting that.

Digital Yuan Trader does with China’s stock market precisely what Wall Street High-Frequency Traders do to North America’s stock exchanges. Using back-door access, powerful computing algorithms, and ultra-speed internet, it profitable transactions with virtually no risk. All of this is performed at the click of a button.

Aims to Democratize High-Return Trading

While High-Frequency Trading firms are accessible only to the wealthy elite, start-ups like Digital Yuan Trader are available to anyone who has over 250$ to invest.

Rather than being a secretive investment firm, it is a cloud-based software product that connects with regulated brokers available in user’s region. Thus, only the minimum deposit required by the regulated broker is needed.

A spokesperson for Digital Yuan Trader confirmed that “our goal is to make high-return trading available to everyone. Our software allows regular individuals to trade with the same tools as the 1%, thus enabling them to achieve their desired level of wealth”.

With the current global climate, it is hard to find a reliable asset with no downside risk. Thus, trading systems that rely on state-of-the-art technology and don’t hold trades for longer than a few seconds are incredibly appealing to those hoping to get wealthy fast.

How Can You Benefit?

Currently, the Digital Yuan Trader is available for free for a limited number of users to prevent server overload and ensure maximum returns.

After registration, a demo account is available, and it comes loaded with $1,000. Once the user is ready to begin real-money trading, Digital Yuan Trader synchronizes with a regulated broker available. A minimum deposit of $250 needs to be completed as per broker requirements.

The deposit and withdrawal process is straightforward and can be performed using any major bank or credit card issuer. A valid phone number is required to ensure that a real human operates the account.

If you are interested in signing up for a free demo account at Digital Yuan Trader, click here.

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