CrowAll Surface Contractors Construct and Restore Tennis Courts and Other Sports Surfaces

Ontario-Based company build and restore surfaces inside and outside of the province.

CrowAll Surface Contractors provide tennis court builds and resurfacing services to professional, private or amateur clubs and residential environments across and outside of Ontario. The firm also provide maintenance services for courts during harsh winters, and even offer a 10 year crack-free guarantee to give customers a greater degree of confidence. As the only firm in the province with specialty in court-specific technology, CrowAll have forged a reputation as the go-to firm for all tennis court and sport surfaces requirements.

CrowAll provide options in several surfaces of court, and can also advise its customers on the best option for their requirements and environment. From installation, surfacing and ongoing maintenance of courts the Ontario-based firm have expertise in basalt clay courts, artificial grass, soft asphalt and ClayTech.

Each choice of court provides its own advantages, and the expert team at CrowAll can guide customers whether they are looking for the benefits on the muscles and body that allow players to glide around clay courts, the reduced risk of injury and lower maintenance of artificial grass, the zero maintenance of hard courts, or the quick installation and anti-crack technology of a ClayTech court which can be retro fitted on top of a hard court surface.

With the harsh winters of Canada sometimes providing difficult conditions to maintain tennis courts in good working order, excessive moisture can lead to tennis court surfaces to crack or splinter. Turning to a firm such as CrowAll can offer customers the peace of mind with the 10 year guarantee, but also the knowledge that the life of a court can be extended through high tech installation and coating techniques. The firm’s all-year maintenance options also ensure that courts are well maintained and looked after across all seasons.

For residential tennis courts, CrowAll recommend asphalt hard courts as a popular choice thanks to its hard-wearing surface and low maintenance requirements. With the softer nature of the surface, it is also lighter on the body, and CrowAll’s court installation and landscaping surfaces combine to make the court a showpiece of a garden and a recreational center.

With an extensive team of experts on tennis courts and their surfaces, CrowAll Surface Contractors are well placed within Ontario to advise customers from residential and recreational through to professional clubs about the best tennis courts to suit their environment, budget and level of tennis. The firm boasts an impressive lineup of customers including the Ontario Tennis Association and the Granite Club, and with partnerships with cutting edge suppliers such as Armor crack repair systems, Douglas, Apt and Latitude 67, the firm has the expertise and connections at its fingertips to provide advice and peace of mind for every eventuality with a tennis court.

About CrowAll Surface Contractors

CrowAll Surface Contractors are Ontario’s only tennis court specific building firm that use court specific technologies to construct best-in-class courts for its customers. The firm also provide a range of maintenance and guarantees to ensure all-year round upkeep and peace of mind for its customers whether they are residential recreational players through to fully professional clubs with fully landscaped courts.

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