Thornhill Dental Helps Change People’s Lives with New Snap-On Smile

The Hollywood smile has been given an affordable twist by Canadian clinic Thornhill Dental as it introduces the ‘Snap on Smile’.

Thornhill Dental is helping people who want to transform their smile, but don’t have a large budget as their disposal, by offering what has been dubbed the Snap-On Smile. 

This removable device is made from a special stain resistant, thin and strong dental resin that literally fits over the top of a person’s teeth without the need for any teeth to be removed, any injections, expensive surgery or other dental work.

Benefits of the Snap-On Smile are:

  • It will cover crooked or missing teeth leaving flawless results
  • Some people can’t have certain dental work for various reasons, but this device will allow them to have their perfect smile
  • It is really easy to maintain
  • It is made of a very thin material, so it is not cumbersome, and it is easy to eat and drink
  • It can be removed at any time
  • No recovery time
  • Doesn’t change the physical structure of the teeth

A dentist will do the initial consultation to judge whether a patient is a good candidate for the Snap-On Smile. If they are, then they take an impression of the teeth and create the device. Patients can customize their smiles by choosing the shape of the teeth and colour of their smile. The device then literally fits over the existing teeth and does not require any glue or adhesive to keep it in place.

A spokesperson for Thornhill Dental said that thousands of people who were not happy with their smile were opting for this new device.

“It is wonderful to see how people can use a simple device without any pain or serious dental work and how it can completely transform their smile and build their confidence.

“Problems with teeth or how people look when they smile can be a huge barrier for interacting with friends, how they perform at work and even developing intimate relationships. We have seen people’s day to day lives dramatically impacted because their confidence is low because they are conscious about what they look like. The Snap-On Smile changes all of that without need to have any dental surgery, drilling or using whitening chemicals.”

The Snap-On Smile will cost a patient around $2,000 Canadian dollars, but it will last up to five years if it is looked after and well maintained before it needs replacing.

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