The Diamond Jewellery Studio Unveils Newly Improved Website, Will Roll Out Ellendale Yellow Diamond Rings

The Diamond Jewellery Studio Unveils Newly Improved Website, Will Roll Out Ellendale Yellow Diamond Rings
The Diamond Jewellery Studio has made upgrades for its website and will soon be offering rings with yellow diamonds from the Ellendale mine.

The Diamond Jewellery Studio has launched a newly improved website that further showcases the white and coloured diamonds it currently has in stock. The company is also set to offer new ring creations out of some of the world’s best fancy vivid yellow diamonds, taken from Ellendale mine in Western Australia.

Online Diamond Jewellery Website Upgrade

The jeweller understands how frustrating it can be for clients when pages take time to load, especially when they are looking for possible precious stones they can use for their custom engagement rings. To bring it up to speed in 2020, The Diamond Jewellery Studio’s website underwent an overhaul at the beginning of the year. Their new website now uses a newer platform and provides new pages and information as well as having much quicker loading speeds.

The jeweller especially focused on the search function for its diamonds. Priding itself of being able to supply virtually any diamond at a highly competitive price, the jeweller lists on its website thousands of loose diamonds Melbourne collectors would want, sourced from the jeweller’s international diamond cutting partners. With the newly improved search function, users will not only be able to search for all categories of white diamonds from a global inventory with just a few strokes on the keyboard, they can also take a peek at all coloured diamonds, many of which were taken from the Argyle mine.

The Diamond Jewellery Studio also has a large collection of other precious gemstones, including sapphires, rubies and emeralds. In the coming months, the jeweller will be showcasing these beautiful stones on its website through a new gemstone search function.

“Our engagement rings gallery has been updated and showcases bespoke pieces that have been made for clients as well as jewellery that we have made in stock. The same can be said for our jewellery gallery with many new pieces being added,” owner Nick Ireland shares.

Pandemic Measures Implemented

The jeweller has been communicating with its clients online or through phone calls as part of its measures against COVID-19. The jeweller admits that cameras don’t do justice to the beautiful colour hues of the diamonds they have. It’s still important for clients to see the stones in the flesh. Although the clients cannot travel to their Sydney and Melbourne offices, the jeweller has allowed client visits to their Brisbane studio, but only by appointment.

The jeweller will continue to strictly implement measures, including social distancing within the studio, while COVID-19 remains a threat.

Diamond Wedding Rings Seen To Rise

Currently high on the list in the jeweller’s priorities are wedding rings Sydney has not seen a lot of lately. COVID-19 has prevented many weddings from taking place, but as restrictions are being eased, the jeweller is seeing more weddings coming back.

Ellendale Mine To Reopen

The Diamond Jewellery Studio has recently purchased three fantastic yellow diamonds from the Ellendale mine in Western Australia. The jeweller intends to transform these stones into beautiful rings, which clients should watch out for.

The Ellendale mine produces some of the best fancy vivid yellow diamonds in the world. For three years, it was closed due to flooding but it is set to reopen later this year.

“We are hoping to see some beautiful yellow diamonds come back to the market from this amazing mine,” Nick Ireland states.

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