How’s an 85% NTSC Color Gamut & 320cd Brightness Monitor? Explore it in 2020 Lepow Z1-Gamut

Lepow just released their new portable monitor Lepow Z1-Gamut with upgraded color gamut and brightness in 2020. To put a spotlight on the parameters: 85% NTSC (100% sRGB) & 320cd and compare them to the other branded portable monitors in the market, they are overwhelming the average level of 72% NTSC and 300cd. This obvious advantage is exactly the purpose that Lepow developed their Gamut series: to refresh buyers’ experience with portable monitors.

Aerolite Black

Ash Grey

Color gamut could be understood as a range of colors that are identifiable to human eyes. Therefore, the color gamut for display is the color spectrum that can be produced by an output device. The higher the color gamut of a monitor panel is, the richer colors it can perceive and accurately represent to you. Accordingly, as a second monitor for work/game/study, users can acquire visual enjoyment that you can get from other screens.

However, in a high color gamut circumstance, the bright colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, are restored to be brighter while the dark tones will be darker. The color contrast is quite strong. To overcome the imbalance between different tones, Lepow increased the overall display brightness from 300 to 320cd so that to create a more harmonious picture to users.

Along with the preeminent 85% NTSC color gamut and 320cd brightness, Lepow Z1-Gamut also maintains the consistent merits of Lepow portable monitors.

15.6-in 1080P Full HD IPS Screen Panel

Lepow Z1-Gamut takes advantage of 15.6 1080P Full HD screen to create stunning image quality, high responsiveness, and smooth frame-to-frame switching. Moreover, well combining the virtues of 178°visible angle and color accuracy, the IPS panel can create clear visions even for people at sides.

Multi-ports & Broad Compatibility

Equipped with a full-function Type-C port and an HDMI port, Lepow Z1-Gamut portable monitors work with Type-C or HDMI laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones. They can also directly connect to gaming devices like Switch, PS3, PS4, and Xbox.

Ultra Slim & Lightweight

The 0.34-inch thickness and 1.7lbs weight make Lepow Z1-Gamut easily accommodate to every suitcase or backpack and stress-free for you to hold it for a long time. It is the truly portable laptop monitors for travelers, students, gamers, engineers, and everyone.

3 in 1 Display Mode & Portrait Mode

With duplicate mode, extend mode, and second screen mode, users are able to display things on this monitor at their preferences and maximize their convenience. When you are reading a long page or referring to a long picture, you can simply rotate the screen and enter the portrait mode whereby no more page-turning or scrolling up and down comes your way.

Built-in Dual Speakers

An all-round portable screen should be able to fulfill both the visual and acoustic needs of users. Unlike most silent monitors, Lepow Z1-Gamut, designed with two built-in speakers on both sides, can create an immersive audio effect for you. However, if you prefer to listen with your headsets, there is still a 3.5mm audio output port as an option.

All Accessories Included

To be ready-to-use right out of the box, Z1-Gamut monitors come with three cables (Type C-Type C/mini HDMI-HDMI/Type C-USB A), a two-pronged plug, a smart cover, and a screen protector.

Z1-Gamut Grey:

Z1-Gamut Black:

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