Nolah Sleep’s Pressure-relieving Comfort Could Ease Hip and Shoulder Pain

Nolah Sleep’s Pressure-relieving Comfort Could Ease Hip and Shoulder Pain
Americans spend $20 billion on back and neck pain medication when a pressure-relieving mattress could be more beneficial

July 24, 2020 – Side sleepers enjoy many health benefits of this much-favored sleep position. Improved gastric issues, decreased snoring, and eased sleep apnea. Yet, many experience hip and shoulder pain from sleeping on an inadequate mattress.

Americans spend $20 billion on medication for back and neck pain every year. But, there are more holistic measures for managing pain. A pressure-relieving mattress could ease tension in the sensitive hip, back, and neck areas.

Natural sleep solutions offer a more holistic approach to pain management. A mattress that is too soft or too hard cannot support the sensitive pressure points. Thus, side sleepers can wake in the morning with backache or neck strain.

Nolah AirFoam™ mattresses offer 376% less peak pressure on hips and back. These 100% temperature neutral mattresses ensure cooling sleep as the billions of microscopic air bubbles allow the foam to breathe. Ideal for side and hot sleepers who are dealing with hip and shoulder pain from a bad mattress.

Side sleepers can experience hip and shoulder pain for many reasons. Arthritis, rotator cuff strain, bursitis, inflammation, and injury being major causes. A simple sleep hygiene change of a pressure-relieving mattress could aid in better quality sleep and improved health and wellbeing.

Sleeping on a supportive and comfortable mattress is crucial to pain management. Additionally, a quality pillow under the head aligns the spine, lessening neck strain. A pillow between the knees aligns the hips for greater sleep comfort.

Improved sleep health begins with a modern side sleeper mattress, built from years of research and development. Nolah Sleep offers 2 award-winning mattresses that cater to the sensitive requirements of the modern side sleeper and can be found at

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