Sanitation Technology Company, WipeBot, is Reinventing Restroom Sanitation

“WipeBot Sanitation Station”
Sanitation technology company, WipeBot, is launching a medical-grade commercial sanitation station that is reinventing restroom sanitation. The WipeBot uses innovative technology that reduces the risk of germ, bacteria, and virus transmission.

WipeBot Inc, a Texas-based startup today, announces the launch of its product, WipeBot, a Restroom Sanitation STATION. This new product will answer the urgent need for clean and disinfected restrooms that are plagued with viruses and bacteria.

According to a survey by Harris Interactive, 94 percent of U.S. adults said they would avoid a business after experiencing a dirty restroom.  This can have a lasting impact on a company’s success.  WipeBot uses the application of UV light with a motion sensor technology that will vastly reduce contaminants in public restrooms.

WipeBot was designed by a creative team of engineers and developers with a mission to encourage people to feel safe in public restrooms and to help businesses provide a safe and inviting place for their customers.

WipeBot is addressing many issues in current sanitation practices through:

● Eliminating the need for contact with harsh chemicals.

● Providing a hands-free approach for sanitizing an entire restroom stall.

● Removing the concern for touching any infected surfaces.

● Providing a safer environment for those that work in office buildings

Toilet plumes often leave restroom stalls unacceptably contaminated, but with UV light application, the bacteria that are shot into the air upon flushing are significantly reduced. The residue left on toilet surfaces makes toilets unusable for most people, and WipeBOT has desgined a touch-free solution with an ergonomic handle which, when lifted, dispenses a fresh, presoaked wipe for touch-free cleaning. 

“This pandemic has created a lasting effect on our culture by raising our standards for sanitation, and WipeBot is the solution for people and businesses,” said Alexei Fomine, the founder of WipeBot Inc. “We wanted to create a product that would make a difference, after months of research and prototyping, WipeBot was created to provide a convenient, sanitized environment,” he added.

WipeBot, a small startup, is welcoming investors who can assist with seed capital.  

On August 1, 2020 they are launching a GoFundMe campaign to build and donate Sanitation Stations to Hospitals and Clinics fighting Covid-19. Hospitals in need can request a free unit directly on the WipeBOT website.

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