‘Wholesale Buying Club’ Talks About Being An Amazon Success Story

Amazon.com, Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle and Arlington that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Well that is what the official stance is. But what does all that mean. In simple terms, Amazon is the biggest shopping platform in the world and if you are not selling on Amazon, then why not?

The shopping platform has helped people to set up their own business and change lives. Each day somewhere in the world a newspaper will run a story on how someone has become a success story on Amazon. However, for every success story there are thousands who have spent every hour of the day trying to be a success but failed.

One of the main reasons why so many people fail on Amazon is they choose the wrong product to sell. They ignore market research, and they just pick the first product that they think looks ok. This is a very expensive mistake. Some people make that mistake even more expensive by buying that product in bulk. However, there is a much easier way to becoming a success story on Amazon, and one that will not cause a person to lose money.

The Wholesale Buying Club has become a huge success. It was founded by Todd Snively who has been helping people to become a success story by providing them with the right products to sell. They have more than one million products to choose from, where each product has been chosen to be appealing to potential buyers. The Wholesale Buying Club is responsible for tens of thousands of success stories on Amazon, making them the number one supplier of sellable products.

We wanted to know more about the Wholesale Buying Club, so we sat down with Todd Snively to find out more about the club and how it helps sellers on Amazon.

1. Hi, can you introduce yourself?

Yes, of course, I am Todd Snively, founder of the Wholesale Buying Club, which is operated by Expert University™ LLC of which I am the co-founder.

2. You run the Wholesale Buying Club 2.0, what is that?

The Wholesale Buying Club is a distributor of approximately one million products representing hundreds of name brands.  Some are well known, household names, and others are newer brands that manufacture quality products.  We work exclusively with Amazon sellers that we’ve trained through Expert Universities™ Wholesale Product Mastery program.

3. You help people become a success on Amazon, why do you think Amazon has become a global success story?

In one word, innovation.  The company has never stood still since its inception in 1994.  In addition to innovation, Amazon excels at diversification.  Amazon can’t be summed up as any one type of company.

4. There are more than 2.5 million sellers on Amazon, but only a small fraction of those sellers become a success, why is that?

There are several actual selling models that one has to choose from when they decide they want to try to create a business utilizing the Amazon Marketplace.  Unfortunately, most choose a model that is not conducive to long term growth.  The main models are Arbitrage (retail and online), drop shipping, private label and wholesale distribution.  In my opinion, anyone contemplating making money selling on Amazon should start with wholesale distribution.  The entrepreneurs who choose one of the other models face severe obstacles, and most are not ready to deal with the inherent issues of those other models.

5. There are 12 million products currently available on Amazon, why do some of those products sell better than others?

Actually, there are over 350 million products for sale on Amazon.  Most are from third party sellers, such as myself.  Amazon has offers on 12 million of those products.  The products that sell better than others tend to have the highest mass appeal, perceived value, uniqueness and exclusivity factors.  However, my concern as a wholesale distribution expert is simply finding already selling products that are the most profitable and that can sustain additional competitive sellers.

6. So, for someone who is struggling on Amazon as a seller, or someone who wants to launch their own business as a seller, how can Wholesale Buying Club 2.0 help?

The hardest part of locating profitable products to sell on Amazon is establishing the relationship with the brand or the brands distributor.  The Wholesale Buying Club has already done that.  It’s our decade long relationships that allow a brand-new Amazon seller the opportunity to purchase products they never would have had on their own.  Not only that, but in essence you are able to use our team of experts for your purchasing, receiving, product inspection, FBA prep, packing and shipping to an FBA warehouse.  You get the benefit of using our team without the headaches of hiring, training and supervising your own.

7. Ok, sounds great. If you were trying to convince me to become a member, what would you say to me to convince me that you could help me become a success on Amazon?

Well, we’re generally not in the convincing business.  By the time someone wants to work with us, they’ve already concluded that Amazon is an amazing place to make money online.  They’ve already concluded that being able to purchase over a million products from one place, and being able to use our proprietary Wholesale Inspector software, and be trained by true Amazon professionals that are actually running successful eight figure Amazon, wholesale distribution businesses, is a pretty good opportunity.

8. Becoming a member of your buying club sounds like a no brainer, everyone should join if they want to become a serious seller on Amazon. But for those people who are still not convinced, what are the five major benefits of becoming a member?

Okay, but again, not trying to convince anyone, but to answer your question:

  1. Over one million wholesale products available.
  2. Access to our community of current Amazon sellers for consulting/accountability and support.
  3. No need to take physical possession of any products, our warehouse does it all for you.
  4. Access to Wholesale Inspector software to maximize the returns; and
  5. World Class Training from start to finish to maximize success.
  6. If I joined your club, would I have to find myself business premises and hold the stock?

No, there’s no reason, especially when starting out, to have any sort of warehouse or office.  This is a lifestyle business, designed to be ran from a laptop, anywhere in the world.  I actually outsourced/insourced 100% of my core Amazon business years ago so that I could travel, live where I wanted and concentrate on consulting.

9. Is your club just for those Amazon sellers in the USA, or can those living in other countries also use it?

Great question!  When we first started offering the WBC over five years ago, it was for our overseas members that were having difficulty establishing supplier relationships in the US.  Over the years it has evolved into a program for anyone, living in the USA or otherwise.  Now, you still need to reside in a country that is acceptable to Amazon, but that is most countries.

10. Do you teach people the best way to sell on Amazon? What I mean is, do you show people the correct way to target customers and how to write the description, and drive traffic to the sales page?

Yes, and no.  What I mean is that our program is targeting products that are already selling on Amazon.  Therefore, there’s no need to write a description, take photos, or do any promotion.  The best way to sell on Amazon is to research the products someone is willing to sell to you (the Wholesale Buying Club) with state of the art software (Wholesale Inspector), to find products already selling that can support an additional competitive seller (our training shows you how to do that).  The traffic is already there, thanks to Amazon, and as I’ve said, the products are already selling.  It’s more about logistics, restocking, inventory management, etc., which is why our program is so different than anyone else’s.

11. How do I choose what products from your product range to sell?

That’s the great part!  Most of the decisions are made by software, which is the best way to make number driven decisions of any degree of complexity.  You see, it’s not enough to find a profitable product.  What if you find 100 profitable products and only have enough capital to purchase ten of them?  Which the do you buy?  Wholesale Inspector tells you which products are the MOST profitable, so you can maximize your returns.

12. So, you deal with the buying the products, packaging them and sending them to Amazon warehouse, the big question is, what happens if the customer finds it faulty, will you replace that product?

Yes, each product is sold with its full manufacturer warranty in place.  If a customer ever has an issue, and they are outside the return period of Amazon, they are able to contact the manufacturer with a warranty claim.

For more information on Wholesale Buying Club, please visit https://courses.expertuniversity.com/wholesale-buying-club-2-0

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