Hire a Family Lawyer in Brampton from DivorceGo

Hire a Family Lawyer in Brampton from DivorceGo

The law firm has completed 1000 plus divorces with success.

Toronto, ON – July 27, 2020 – Family law cases tend to become very emotionally charged, especially when the custody of a child or property dispute is involved. At DivorceGo, they understand what clients go through as a result of family law cases, and they assist them in every step of the way. The firm specializes in family law therefore, clients can be confident that the law firm is equipped with experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who can handle any family law matter they may have.

Speaking about parenting agreement, the company spokesperson said, “A parenting agreement dictates how both parents will bring up their children after a divorce or separation. It involves arrangements on how children should be visited, the school they should attend, or any other issue that may affect their lives. It doesn’t matter whether individuals have got a contested divorce or uncontested divorce, they have to come up with a good parenting schedule which should be in the best interest of their children. A detailed parenting agreement can help both parents have a foreseeable plan on how each parent should conduct themselves when handling their children.”

A separation agreement in Ontario is simply a contract that is signed by both spouses in order to resolve the contentious issues. The issues may be related to spousal support, property, custody, and many more areas. Even if one of the spouses is not making these claims, a separation agreement is drafted to waive some of these rights in the future. Once a separation agreement is signed, the court treats it as if it was a court order. Therefore, the separation agreement becomes a legally binding agreement. DivorceGo offers free consultation on any issue concerning separation agreement. Therefore, clients can contact the law firm and access critical information about the separation agreement today.

Offering insight on how child support is conducted in Canada, the company spokesperson said, “In Canada, any child is legally entitled to receive financial support from the parents. Therefore, parents should agree on the amount that will be allocated to child support during a divorce. The agreement should be in a court order or a separation agreement. Also, the court uses specific guidelines to determine the support payments. If one spouse primarily lives with the child, he or she is entitled to receive monthly support payments from his or her former spouse. This is usually carried on until the child attains the age of majority.”

Hire family lawyer in Brampton from DivorceGo. The law firm is owned and operated by Bluetown law. Therefore, clients can be confident that their cases are being handled by lawyers who are accredited members of the law society of Upper Canada and The Better Business Bureau. They aim at offering affordable pricing for simple divorce cases to clients residing in Toronto and Mississauga. The law firm has a track record of success in dealing with divorce cases and bringing the best outcome in a divorce.

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Get a simple divorce in Ontario through DivorceGo. The law firm has completed 1000 plus divorces with success. Clients can book an appointment with the firm and get a free consultation with the firm’s lawyers.

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