Interview With Author R.H. Martin “Introrse: Where the Spirits Speak”

R.H. Martin’s Introrse: Where the Spirits Speak is a book that captivates, intrigues and shares wisdom with every page. It’s quite unlike anything else out there and is making a name for itself for all the right reasons. Understandably we are intrigued, so we sat down with the author to hear about the inspiration behind the story.

Thanks for meeting with me, I appreciate your time. The first thing I would like to say is that while this is a book aimed at getting wisdom into young minds, I want it to be something that can ultimately be enjoyed by readers of all ages and abilities. It’s why I’ve tried to create a world in which you are instantly immersed in the history, the background and the landscape so that it brings your imagination to life every time you open it.

Q: Intriguing, so what do you think readers will get from such a unique piece of literature?

A: “Obviously I want people to be entertained by giving them something to think about they ordinarily wouldn’t. I want Introrse to be an escape from pressures of modern living, messaging, screen time, etc. to have a read that will be pleasurable.

But more important I want Introrse to help shape the next generation’s thinking by showing them they each are important, their own potential, unlimited uniqueness cannot be duplicated. And that even the most seemingly innocuous minor event can have unforeseen consequences no one could have predicted. This really speaks to the complexity and interconnectivity of life in a way that teaches each of us to remember that we’re part of something bigger. If you make a small choice that may seem innocent at the time, it can quickly and easily snowball into something hard to define, explain or control… This is such an important piece of wisdom the book brings to light.”

Q: And what about the story that underpins all of this?

A: “Hytrae is a world rich in uniqueness at every level, ready to be explored. The cover art illustrates a decisive moment on which all following events on the planet will turn; the protagonist Doyen Nytrez’s Faith Run across the salt Plain of Shilom. I sincerely hope all who read Introrse come to realize the impact of where we put our faith, how standing firmly in our beliefs (having salt) and the need to be at peace with God not only determines the quality of our own lives but affects all of us.”

Q: You imply we’ve failed for the most part in getting wisdom into the minds of the next generation and Introrse is a read that can plant seeds and water some that might already be planted. Realizing this, it’s easy to see why the book is already getting such a strong reputation.

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