Fact and Myth Expands Truth Checking Services Using Data-Driven Approach

Fact and Myth Expands Truth Checking Services Using Data-Driven Approach
The fact-checking firm has been using a data-driven approach to determining truth or myth for several years now. The website uses a method that strips away bias and relies on data to determine the accuracy of statements or actions.

Fact and Myth is a website dedicated to the analysis of some of the most prevalent misconceptions and truths that permeate Western culture and American society. Some of the problems with separating fact and fiction include a pervasiveness of the 24-hour news cycle and the immediate spread of claims on social media. Many claims are either false or are made before all of the facts are present. Many times there is no context or in-depth explanation to aid in judging truthfulness. Sometimes, statements are taken as fact, or discarded as myths, lies, or falsehoods, simply because they align with the listener’s worldview. 

This process is called confirmation bias. It causes the hearers to vote, donate, lobby, demonstrate, and participate in activities that could be desirable or not. Confirmation bias affects policies as well as the science taught in educational facilities. Another factor that can create struggles with perception is emotionalism, biased business reporting, and sensationalism. Media may be complicit in the presentation of biases by providing opinion pieces that follow their niche readers. The media is also determined to protect their big-money advertisers. 

More information is available at https://www.factandmyth.com/

Some of the major categories included in recent posts include Fake News, Economics, Deficit, Healthcare, Energy Policy, and Conspiracy Theories, etc. A statement is made in each instance, and data is provided to either support or refute the claim. Graphs, images, and other supporting documentation are provided, and the conclusion is written in clear and concise language. 

Fact and Myth dives into a range of claims using data-driven approaches. Emotion and ‘fake news’ are stripped away, and only the facts remain. The result is a determination of whether a particular concept or statement is consistent with the known facts. The reader can still choose to agree or disagree with the facts. 

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