“Lovely Roses” the rose of the stars of Erika Mejia

Erika Mejía has managed to consolidate her brand “Lovely Roses” as one of the most important in Miami, however, not everything is rose-colored.

Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi, Anuel, Karol G, Camila Cabello and Thalía, are some of the names that have trusted in the art of roses by Erika Mejía, a Honduran florist who, with her Lovely Roses brand, has not only managed to conquer the American dream, but also makes her way to be a social icon in Miami for her emporium of fancy flowers.

Erika Mejía has managed to consolidate her brand “Lovely Roses” as one of the most important in Miami, however, not everything is rose-colored. When she came to the United States to work her way, she had ups and downs, successes and mistakes, which, like all immigrants, made her gain work experience in different areas that were fundamental pillars for her training as an entrepreneur.

Luxury flowers

The art of roses that Erika Mejía has developed through her brand “Lovely Roses” not only has it earned it a privileged place in the world of artists, but it has also consolidated her as one of the most trained and professional florists.

Mejía is recognized for its quality products and its famous long-lasting rose preservation technique, they can last more than three years preserved with an impeccable appearance as from the first day guaranteeing the consumer a quality and luxury product.

The Honduran woman is consistently classified as the queen of roses and the neatness of her designs go hand in hand with her personal image and her way of expressing herself. Her social networks are like her flowers a work of art in full swing that motivates and encourages thousands of young people to fight for their dreams and develop their ideas.

Erika Mejía affirms: “I want the people who follow me to have a millionaire mind and I’m not just talking about money, I want people to be millionaires in health, in dreams, in work, in perseverance, in discipline and perseverance, as We understand that the millionaire mind lies in aligning our soul, feelings and spirit in accordance with the consolidation of a very clear goal. The results that lead us to our goal will be positive and the path taken will be the correct one.”

Erika Mejía: The Queen of Roses

Part of the key to building the Lovely Roses emporium has been learning constant of Erika Mejía, a woman with a vision of the future who despite her great success in United States already sees the expansion of its flower business as a reality.

Mejía highlights that Lovely Roses is an experience that she wants to bring to Latin America,

Central America and Europe in the first instance, affirming that it works every day to make this goal a reality in the years to come.

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