Popular Women’s Rights And Equality Activist Releases A New Book Titled ‘The Invisible Wife’

Popular Women’s Rights And Equality Activist Releases A New Book Titled ‘The Invisible Wife’

July 27, 2020 – Outspoken women’s right and equality activist ‘Robin Goings’ announces the release of her new book titled; “The Invisible Wife.” The book, which is based on her experience as the wife of an entertainer discusses Robin’s struggle behind the glamorous Hollywood kind of life. It talks about her journey to Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellness.

The book “The Invisible Wife” details Robin’s early life prior to her marriage, how she met her husband at a strip club, some grimy details of her marriage life in Hollywood and the façade she had to keep up in public, and more importantly the steps she had to take towards overcoming the challenges and ruins that it all left her in. Discussing her new book, Robin stated that “The Invisible Wife” is a memoir that provides information about her entire existence.

“THE INVISIBLE WIFE” My Struggle Behind the “HOLLYWOOD” Spotlight is my inspirational memoir that provides the chronicles of my life prior to, during and ultimately after a turbulent relationship and divorce. Indeed, I was trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage in Hollywood and the only way to endure and eventually overcome it all was to seek emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. My triumphant story can inspire many women!” – Robin Goings

This inspirational book “The Invisible Wife” can be pre-ordered on Robin Going’s official website with buyers open to two different packages for the book. Payments can be made via PayPal, CashApp or Zelle to robingoings@hotmail.com.

Robin Goings is originally from Toledo, Ohio. She moved to Hollywood with big dreams of making her mark on the big screen, only to find herself trapped in an emotionally, mentally and financially abusive relationship. Robin’s story is empowering, she was both financially and emotionally devastated and left with a family and the responsibility to start life over with nothing. She had been knocked out and left defeated, but instead of that being the end, today she is spiritually alive and more determined than ever to make a difference!

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