MRT & Muscle Race Wheels Are a Winning Combination

Huntington Beach, CA & Prairie du Chien, WI – July 27, 2020 – As the UTV race season picks up speed, MRT racers are picking up wins! And most MRT ( racers are using the perfect combination: MRT tires and Muscle Race wheels.  

Here’s an overview of racers recent successes:

Race: Silver State 300: VanBeekum takes 1st!

Rocky and ruts all over the course. Lots of flats but non for MRT drivers!

Robert VanBeekum: 1st Place, Silver State 300

  • 1st: UTV Unlimited: Robert VanBeekum; “I caught the dust of our next passing victim and we reached his car and the only thing we could see was the rear blue strobe light. So I pushed up to make the pass and realized he has run off track and so did we in the following. First thing I saw was a huge sharp rock pile which we both ended up driving through. I was able to get back on track and continue the race. He seemed to have flattened all four tires. Once the race was over, I was talking to the crew about what happened, and we observed the MRT tires. There were plenty of cuts and areas that looked like holes, but they didn’t leak any air. The Kevlar layers did their job and got us to the finish line. Last year the same race using competitor tires, we ended up with flats and couldn’t finish the race. This year, zero flats and top of the box! Thanks MRT and Muscle Race Wheels!”  claims Robert VanBeekum.

VanBeekum’s winning performance; Silver State 300

  •  7th: UTV Turbo: Cole Frieday.  “My MRT tires performed flawlessly for the Silver State 300. Traction was consistent on every corner and silt bed. The abuse I put them through gave me the confidence I did not have to worry about hitting anything and getting a flat. By far the BEST tire on the market,” exclaimed a happy Cole Frieday on his race performance.

Cole Frieday: Silver State 300

Race: Line Mountain: MRT Sweeps the Podium at Line Mountain!

  • 1st Dustin Ulrich; 2nd Brian Stone; 3rd Ryan Rosini
  • “We pushed hard the whole race and even ended up on our side, once we got flipped back we had a damaged tire and from the roll, but kept racing with only a few miles to go. We passed both 1st and 2nd on the last lap and held on to take the win! I couldn’t have done it without the support from everyone on my team, especially MRT – Moto Race Tire, my tire and wheel sponsor. They make the strongest, lightest, highest quality tires on the market today, PERIOD!!! Because of their superior run flat technology I was able to run down the leaders and take the checkered flag all while being down a tire!!!” according to Dustin Ulrich.

Dustin Ulrich with his 2020 trophy line up!

  • “It was a close race to the finish line… Dustin Ulrich arrives 29 seconds ahead of Brian Stone, who came in a mere 4 seconds ahead of Rosini. All 3 finished on the same MRT tires they started with. The best damn tires on the planet”, exclaimed an excited Brian Stone on the podium sweep.

Race: Renegades Attica NY: MRT Sweeps Podium!
Pro UTV: 1st Sean Haluch; 2nd Levi Metzinger; 3rd Patrick Murray; Pro Am: 1st: Kaden Reiner; 2nd Alicia Haluch

Race: Dirty Turtle Off Road Race: Pro UTV: 2nd Paul Wolff; UTV  Bounty: 3rd Paul Wolff

Race: UTV Rally Rush: 1st Tim Slocum

Race: Outlaw Race Series: 1st: Paul Wolff

1st: Paul Wolff

Race: Renegades Blue Holler Mammoth Cave: 1st Cody Martin; 2nd Jamie McCoy; 5th: Levi Metzinger; 1st UTV Bouncers: Paul Wolff

Cody Martin in action – 1st Cody Martin: 2nd Jamie McCoy

Race: SXS Sports Series King of the Elements:  3rd Tyler Livingston

Race: Renegades AOP: 1St Jamie McCoy; 3rd Nathan Wolff

Race: Mid-America Outdoors Park Off-Road Racing: 1st:  Ryder VanBeekum; 2nd: Brandon Grapevine 

Race: AWRCS: 1st: Dustin Ulrich

Race: WORCS: 2nd: Clayton Winiecki

Race: Renegades: Rausch Valley Thunder in the Ridge: 1st: Jamie McCoy; 2nd Dustin Ulrich; 3rd.  Philip Poe; Renegades Stock Buggy: 1st: Brett Pawelczyk; 2nd Stan Pawelczyk; Pro/Am class: 1st:  Alicia Haluch; 2nd Kaden Reiner

Race: SRRS: RCV / UTV Series: 2nd Paul Wolff

Race: SRRS: RCV Bounty Series: 2nd Paul Wolff

Race: DP4: 3rd: Buck Vinson

As UTV enthusiasts head to the great outdoors for adventure,  MRT and Muscle Race wheels warehouses are open and fully stocked!

MRT’s attention to quality with MRT Race Series tires and Muscle Race wheels is revolutionizing racers performance! MRT racers accomplishments are due to the performance of MRT’s tires built with Kevlar Armor Belt for anti-puncture durability – this gives MRT drivers the confidence to tackle tough terrains and weather conditions.  These tires feature triple belt Kevlar, QUAD belt Kevlar, Apex Bead Grip and sticky tread compound, which results in anti-puncture performance and durability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and the toughest terrains.

“We are proud of our racers and their performance! Our motto ‘Quality When You Need It’ is proven again and again on these courses. These tires and wheels pass the strictest of tests and scrutiny before they are released. It’s this focus that allows drivers to race with confidence. We accredit the Kevlar Armor Belt as the strongest best traction UTV tires on the market.  And our continued innovation ensures our tires are always able to succeed through the toughest challenges” according to Mark Thornburg, president MRT.

About MRT & Muscle Race Wheel:

MRT,, is the leader in delivering the highest quality and most innovative tires on the market today. The Pro Amor / MRT Race Series tires, are created by working closely with race teams and mechanical CAD aided testing, MRT continuously develops new leading tire technology including the first and only Kevlar Race Tire using Kevlar Armor Belt. These tires are lightweight and designed to provide run flat protection combined with strength and speed on the track. MRT / Kevlar Armor Belt quality is designed and built to outlast the competition. Guaranteed and backed by MRT’s Continuous Improvement Warranty program.

Muscle Race wheels are the lightest, strongest wheels on the market.  These high precision light weight forged and flow form UTV wheels carry up to 2000 lb load rating. Muscle Wheels outperform cast wheel competitors and are available in the sizes and back spacers that all racers require and are podium proven!

MRT / Muscle Race wheels are tested in ALL race conditions, and components are modified based on driver’s feedback and tire/wheel performance. This attention to detail and drive for continuous improvement is why MRT provides the best race tire and wheel combination now and will continue to provide this winning combination for all race and riding conditions.

‘Quality When You Need It’. What are you waiting for? For more information on MRT: contact us at:; 844.884.9759,


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