NOVIDIC Offers Efficient Contact Tracing Solutions During Covid-19 Pandemic

NOVIDIC Offers Efficient Contact Tracing Solutions During Covid-19 Pandemic
This pandemic management solution uses a GEO-QR code tagging system that efficiently records businesses’ check ins and outs

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a significant amount of challenges to people, businesses, and industries across the board. Until a vaccine is developed, one effective way of flattening the curve and help curb the spread of the disease is through contact tracing. NOVIDIC, a web application that offers efficient and effective contact tracing solution, was developed by the Australian IT company Universal Apps for this exact reason.

Contact tracing has been of utmost importance especially to businesses that have opened during the pandemic. This allows them to open but still maintain strict standards and practice protocol whenever people enter their facilities. The app was conceptualized and developed after Universal Apps’ realized the struggle of the government in a quick response to efficiently track the people who might be at risk. NOVIDIC is on a mission to not only carry that task for them, but to also analyze the data in their complex algorithm, helping people save lives. As of writing, NOVIDIC has already been checking in 100 thousand scans a day in New South Wales.

NOVIDIC works through a web portal by allowing the customers, guests or visitors to digitally register their presence when they visit a restaurant, shop, or sports facilities using their mobile phone web browser. No need to worry about writing down personal information using pen or paper every time you enter a place, or even filling up an online form, which then later might be used for marketing purposes. Register with NOVIDIC through scanning the QR codes present at the places you visit and it will be tagged and time stamped in the system, which will then be removed from NOVIDIC servers after 56 days.

One important pillar of NOVIDIC is privacy. “Privacy matters,” the team at NOVIDIC says. The system doesn’t ask for any personal details like your full address or email, however the name is optional, and a post code is needed which is used for analyzing the spread of COVID-19 in a city/state scale alter.

All you need to do is to verify your mobile number and confirm the age-gender group once and use the system forever. All data is transmitted and stored using the latest encryption technology and methods and will undergo a hard delete after 56 days of storage. The user interface itself is intuitive and has a design that is easy to understand even by elderly people — it is also secure and easy to use by healthcare agencies and governments.

NOVIDIC also has manual registration option by the employees of the businesses should the visitor has no smart phone.

NOVIDIC also monitors the allowed capacity of visitors to a place and also has option to tag the body temperature of each visitor into the system.

NOVIDIC believes that IT technology will play a big role in controlling the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. NOVIDIC is an effort to deliver a humanitarian service using technology to help reduce the impact of COVID-10 on people’s lives and their businesses.

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