Gospel Singer and Songwriter Tomisin Adedipe Releases His Latest Song ‘YES’

While we always focus more on popular music genres like pop or hip hop, gospel music is not as revered as it should be. Tomisin Adedipe is, however, changing that trend, by making impressive gospel music that is appealing to music lovers globally.

Tomisin Adedipe is a UK-based singer/songwriter largely focused on gospel music. His innate passion for music is inspired by the art’s ability to narrow down the inherent differences in our perspective of the world. More so, he believes in the unifying power of music. Tomisin’s interest in Gospel music is based on how it brings the word of God to life. Interestingly, he is equally interested in other music genres, from which he picks up interesting elements and incorporates in his own creations. Every aspect of Tomisin’s music is aligned with how listeners can relate to and connect deeply with his songs. 

‘I draw inspiration from the pioneers of Gospel music. But apart from that, my passion to reflect God’s perspective through creative music keeps me motivated. I am here, only to learn, create and spread the gospel. Let’s connect through music’ – Tomisin Adedipe 

Some of Tomisin’s most loved songs are Unfailing, Time Out, I Stand In Awe Of You Medley, etc. Listeners across the world have appreciated the originality of his creations, and the way they send across a positive vibe. Interestingly, his latest release, ‘YES’ could not have been more relevant in today’s times. It expresses how God, the greater power remains consistent even when our lives have taken fresh turns in the last few months amid the global pandemic. The song also subtly expresses how Christ sheds a ray of hope even in the most difficult times. The lines “If God says yes, no one can say no” perfectly reverberates the core of the song. 

All of Tomisin Adedipe’s songs are streaming live across major music platforms. The pureness of these songs can well be a source of positivity as we navigate through these difficult times. Give it a shot! To know more, please visit Tomisin Adedipe’s official website

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