Two Digital Nomads are traveling the world full time (even during the pandemic) to uncover the world’s best Vegan Beauty, Food and Fashion

Two Digital Nomads are traveling the world full time (even during the pandemic) to uncover the world's best Vegan Beauty, Food and Fashion
A vegan couple is on a mission to inspire its followers to give up everything that involves animal cruelty!

London, UK – Veganing is a new online blog that is managed by Miriam and Skye who call themselves Digital Nomads. The vegan power couple founded this blog to share with their audience their engagements with like-minded people and businesses as they travel the world in search of cruelty-free vegan products.

Veganing is the ideal platform for individuals seeking ideas for Vegan Beauty, Vegan Food, and Vegan Fashion. The digital nomads keep adding relevant articles on their blog to help potential vegan travelers fill their planners for their upcoming tours. The couple shares the very best vegan restaurants, cruelty-free fashion brands, and beauty products they find on their journey. Interestingly, Miriam and Skye were never vegans for most of their lives. It was only a couple of years ago that they decided to eliminate meat from their diet. Skye has been vegan for 2.5 years and Miriam for 1.5 years.

Miriam did not know anything about veganism until she was 29. She believed she needed meat to get protein and only knew that eating meat daily was not healthy. However, in 2019, she suffered from severe food poisoning after having quesadillas and fish on two different occasions. She has become a vegan since then and has never looked back.

Skye grew up in London, UK. In his early 20’s, Skye ran a popular fitness website and was a total gym rat. He believed the muscle magazines that preached the high-protein and animal products diet. He also used to be staunch anti-vegan and believed it was not the “optimal” way to eat for strength and health. However, he later encountered vegan bodybuilders and was perplexed at how they could survive without eggs and meat. Finally, in 2018, after testing the initial 7 days of following a strict vegetarian diet, Skye found it amazing and adopted it as a permanent lifestyle.

Skye and Miriam, the Digital Nomads write their hearts out on their blog to prevail in the concept of cruelty-free living. In the words of Skye: “We built with compassion and love for the animals that needlessly suffer for our vanity and taste buds. We focus on cruelty-free and vegan beauty, fashion, and food products which allow us all to make more compassionate choices. When we are not blogging here, we are busy discovering new cities, watching The Office (UK) reruns, and finding quiet coffee shops and libraries around the world. We hope to inspire as many people as possible to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, for the love of the animals. Our long-term goal is to open an Animal Sanctuary.”

About the Company:

Veganing is an online blog that shares information related to Vegan Beauty, Vegan Food, and Vegan Fashion trending across the globe. It is managed by digital nomads who are pro-vegan and, on a mission, to curb animal-cruelty from society.

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