The Master and Margarita, exciting and groundbreaking animated film is coming in 2022.

MediaInVision PLC, the new public company of Music and Film Entertainment and Production, has announced the production of a new feature animation film titled: The Master and Margarita.

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The promising production of the new feature animation film already seems to suggest it is going to be a success. The Master and Margarita novel written by the Soviet author Mikhail Bulgakov during Stalinist government, reflects the darkness of that period however consist of many satiric episodes. The story of the devil going to Moscow in disguise as a professor, causing trouble in the societal elite. The Master, a writer of a novel banned by the government, and his lover Margarita, who makes the decision to sell her soul to the devil, to salvage the Master from a psychiatric ward.

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The critically acclaimed and award-winning producer and music composer Alexander Goldberg Jero will work on this exciting new animation feature film, bringing his musical outlooks and technological abilities into its production. He has worked hard to transform the way we listen to music, how we listen to music, and now how we see this classic novel.

From soundtrack to narrative to character visuals, he will bring new inspirations into the production of this exciting animation film.

One of the most interesting of these inspirations is the character of Pontius Pilate. The Roman procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate is one of the main characters of the Master’s novel and an interesting hero that has fascinated readers of all ages. Interestingly, it will be the figure of a controversial leader to inspire the character creation of Pontius Pilate. The fact that the character is a positive one will make this an extremely interesting and risky move from the production team, which will have a big impact on the film and audience reactions.

Preproduction Sketch

The recognisable image will add an edge to the leader figure of Pontius Pilate, a famous Biblical character and a key one in the story of Jesus’ death. The moral ambiguousness and leadership of the character makes it similar to the leader.

This project is only the latest of his ventures. He may be known for being a classically trained musician, but his passion for pushing boundaries and striving for innovation is what will make this project a true masterpiece. For the first time ever, this production will feature 3 forms of animation in a single animated film: 3D animation, 2D animation, and performance capture. The main part of the film that features the story of the Devil utilizes 3D animation. When you get to the beautiful story of Yashua, 2D animation was the best choice as this is typically used when portraying animated biblical stories. Finally, performance capture is one of the latest approaches to animation, adding another layer to the feature. Performance capture is used for the “Margarita’s Flight”, “Witches Dance”, “Satan’s Ball” and “Epilogue”. Combined, these different approaches work to make a visually stunning and interesting film that will enthral the audience. 

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