Principle of carbon arc gouging carbon rod and applicable scope of cutting

Principle of carbon arc gouging carbon rod and applicable scope of cutting

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1. Basic Principles

Carbon arc gas cutting is a kind of processing method that takes advantage of the high temperature of carbon arc to heat the local metal to the melting state and blow off the molten metal with the airflow of compressed air to achieve metal cutting, as shown in the figure. At present, this method of metal cutting is widely used in metal structure manufacturing sector.

In the process of carbon arc gas cutting, the main role of compressed air is to blow off the melted metal caused by high temperature heating of carbon arc, and also to play a cooling role on the electrode of carbon rod, which can correspondingly reduce the burning loss of carbon rod. However, when the flow of compressed air is too large, it will reduce the temperature of the molten metal, which is not conducive to the metal to be cut.

The shape of arc gouging strip used in carbon arc gas cutting is the same as that of common welding electrode. It USES the jet flow produced by coating under high arc temperature to blow off the molten metal and achieve the purpose of gouging. Work only AC, DC arc welding machine, no air compressor. The molten metal can only be removed when the arc reaches a certain ejection capacity during operation.

Ii. Application scope of arc cutting

(1) Using arc cutting to root the weld can improve the production efficiency several times compared with the shovel commonly used in the past website production, especially in the position of vertical welding and vertical welding seam root, its advantages are more prominent.

(2) Improved workers’ working conditions: in the past, there was a lot of noise and vibration when the wind shovel was used for groove opening and root clearing. The workers who used the wind shovel for years suffered from deafness occupational diseases, and the labor intensity was also very high.

(3) Welding groove can be machined by arc cutting, especially for u-shaped groove.

(4) Easy to use and flexible to operate: For welding seams located in a narrow space, as long as the light planer gun can be inserted into the place, you can carry out cutting operations.

(5) The defects in the unqualified welds can be cleared by arc cutting and then repaired. It is also possible to use arc cutting to clean casting burrs, spines, casting risers and casting defects.

(6) Arc cutting can be used to process a variety of metals that cannot be processed by gas cutting, such as cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.

(7) Simple equipment and tools for operation and use. As long as there is a DC welding machine, compressed air, special arc cutting pole and carbon rod, it can work.

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