This lighted makeup mirror is praised by 99.9% of women

This lighted makeup mirror is praised by 99.9% of women

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Today I want to introduce you to BEAUTME makeup mirror L609, which is highly respected by many girls.

When women are applying makeup, they want to transform a natural and beautiful makeup. At this time, the indispensable is a makeup mirror. Today I want to introduce you to BEAUTME makeup mirror L609, which is highly respected by many girls. It makes people put it down, and the most eye-catching is its natural soft light design, which avoids the chromatic aberration caused by the light, thus creating a beautiful makeup that is natural, comfortable, and undistorted, making you full of vitality every day.

After unpacking, you can see that the manufacturer is very careful, because it is glass products, which are easily broken during transportation. The inside of the box is made of foam material, and the mirror and accessories are fixed inside, which effectively prevents transportation. The bumps in the picture safely delivered every BEAUTME cosmetic mirror L609 to every customer.

Install the mirror on the base, the installation is relatively simple, see the moving picture below for details! The overall height is 22 inches and the length is 28 inches. The biggest highlight is the storage function of the base. It can arrange the beloved cosmetics neatly, which is beautiful and solves the problem of small storage space. This design is very intimate!


It is believed that many women have encountered these problems when applying makeup. They have meticulously applied makeup for an hour or more, but they have been spit-up powder, blush like monkey butt, and the foundation has no blood on their face. These problems occur. The main reason is that the light is not good when applying makeup, and the strength of poor makeup is mastered. If you apply too much force, you will need a “BEAUTME makeup mirror L609″ to completely solve these problems.

The operation is simple, it is easy to get started, touch to turn on the light mode, long press to adjust the brightness of the light, the three color temperatures can be adjusted at will, the very user-friendly design, the goodwill instantly improves.

The soul of a girl’s makeup is eyeshadow and lipstick. When there is insufficient light, it is easy for you to mistakenly see the color difference, so that you can draw a makeup that is thicker in natural light. Therefore, when you encounter a rainy day or evening In the case of insufficient natural light, you need to supplement the light. This BEAUTME makeup mirror L609 is 90% restored natural light. The color rendering performance of this mirror is very close to natural light.

The best design of this “BEAUTME Makeup Mirror L609″ is equipped with a small and portable 10x magnifying glass. When drawing eye shadows, eyeliners and other details, you can see it clearly, and there will be no tiny flaws, and it is adsorption The design is directly attached to the mirror, very intimate design.

To sum up…

After a few days of use, this “BEAUTME Makeup Mirror L609″ has undoubtedly captured my heart, and I no longer have to worry about problems such as card powder and excessive makeup.

Self-use or giving away are good choices. PS: Boys, Give your girlfriend extra points!

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