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The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: “Cultural self-confidence.” The manifesto of this era also points out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Prosperity of culture means prosperity of the country, and a strong culture means a strong nation. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Culture is the backbone and soul of a nation. It creates the soul and character of a country and a nation. A nation can exist in the world only if it has cultural self-confidence. Only when the people have faith can the country have strength and the nation have hope. Cultural self-confidence is the most important factor contributing to these goals. 

Guan Gening, architect, watercolor painter, national first-class artist, senior architect, is included into Baidu Art official website.

Born in March 1964, he graduated from Chongqing University with a major in architecture.

He has worked in Shenzhen, Hainan, Beijing, East China and overseas markets for 35 years, such as architectural design, decoration design and EPC general contractor of large-scale projects.

Among them, the works of art are:

1. Illustration of “Guangzhou Pearl River Fanying Project”, Journal of Architecture, 1986.2

2, “Residential Design Data Set” 4 vols, “Colorology” (China Building Industry Press)

3. “Architecture” figure, “Architecture and Culture”, 2017.8

4. Characters of “Encyclopedia of Painters-Certification Platform of Authoritative Painters”

5. National Master of Painting and Calligraphy Database National First-class Artist Qualification

6. Selected as a famous painter of Great Beauty China

7. Selected as “Collection of Famous Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Works”

8. Selected as a painter of “both talent and virtue”

9. Selected as “in the name of art, pay tribute to the classics” to inherit the characters of painting and calligraphy

10. Leading representatives of painting and calligraphy in the new era

11. [Presenting the two sessions] Specially recommend artists (2020)

12. Leading figures in contemporary art (2020)

13. Selected in the 2020 “Hanmo Cup” National Art Painting and Calligraphy Competition

14. Selected in the 2020 National Painting and Calligraphy Art Competition of “Huaxia Celebrity Cup”

15. Participate in the Global Art 2020 Taiwan Large Art Boutique Auction Exhibition

16. Selected as one of the national digital TV channels in the “Collection Circle”: focusing on the collection of famous artists-the exhibition and broadcasting of works by famous contemporary artists, the academic guidance consultant and invited artists of this column are specially appointed.

17. National artists

18. Won the honorary title of “National Gift Artist” 

Spring Niushou Mountain (size 38 x 53 cm) 2020

“Technique” and “Art”

Painting is a need. The essence of art is an expression, without which there is no art.

In the current pluralistic artistic expression context, a way to convey emotion is rich in selectivity, and various forms of expression are endless. Sketching, as the source of painting, cannot be simply surpassed and completely replaced after all. Although various means of obtaining visual images have been extremely powerful, they are still a kind of “tool” vision presented by relying on digital tools; Compared with the personalized “self” vision of emotional artists, it is cold and ruthless. Emotion resonates with it. Face-to-face self-blame, feel the warmth and brightness of the object; Distinguish the object face from the dotted line; They are transformed into flat visual rhythm, and refer to their “potential” and “state”, and use “translation” means to geometrically express the visual rhythm of points, lines and planes. 

Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Shixiang Road (size 38 x 53 cm) 2020

Sketching is a way of life, a way to record life track, and a process of communication between man and nature. The purpose of sketching is not to draw amazing works. What is important is to record that impression, to be impulsive and to appeal it to the pen. In a noisy world, only inner peace can keep the concentration. These abilities of actively grasping the essence of natural spirit, actively choosing visual images according to the law of visual rhythm, and creating artistic images with rich emotions are difficult for the “devices” to obtain visual images. The main way for artists to acquire this ability is gradually established and perfected in a large number of sketches.

Jinling Grand View Garden (size 38 x 53 cm) 2020

Painting is not for itself. Painting is a need and an expression. Expression is a kind of self-realization. People’s emotions will resonate with them, and this kind of ripple affection sublimated from nature is materialized into the color of picture strokes, the charm of water traces and the rhythm of strokes. Just like speaking, “speaking” is a person’s self-awareness, living experience, expressing self-emotion, love and pursuit; Singing and saying, it will be more beautiful, full of emotions and more touching; Turn the painting into a kind of talk, an emotional performance, and a manifestation of thinking, and the painting will be more expressive.

Nanjing Drum Tower (size 38 x 53 cm) 2020

People express “painting” as a visual existence. But looking at the world alone is not enough. It is far-reaching only when you touch and touch the world through your heart. When the inner movement rises to a kind of thought through logical thinking, it will be penetrating and far-reaching; It is also a kind of thinking about the world, a kind of dialogue between yourself and your own cognition of the world, and everyone should have their own entry point; It is a reflection on people’s habitual aesthetics and an impact on some ideas. Therefore, artists are not only ideological people, but also good at transforming ideas into artistic language.

It’s hard for people to judge paintings by good and bad. Painting may not need standard, but height. Or performance, or concept, or coexistence, in fact, it is not important; What is important is that painting is like people’s sexual desire, love and faith. The use of works tells stories of the times and experienced people and things, and is full of ideals for life. To resist mediocrity and examine yourself and the world, the meaning itself far exceeds the pursuit of “artistic value”. Inquiring into the artistic soul, inquiring into the viewer’s soul, conveying pleasure, and facing today’s reality and life and value together, the value of artistic works lies in accurately expressing their vivid real life.

Success is not difficult, as long as you persist, I believe everyone will achieve positive results.

Six Dynasties, Heyuan Garden (size 38x53cm) 2020 

The poetry of terrace is beautiful, and the culture is wonderful

-Record the famous painter Guan Gening

“Along the river during the Qingming Festival”, based on the architecture of Song Dynasty, shows a humanistic charm and makes Zhang Zeduan famous in history. Chou Ying’s paintings are famous all over the world. Taking architecture as the theme of creation is an important channel of cultural inheritance and an extraordinary skill of Chinese creation. Guan Gening, a famous contemporary painter, painted oriental architecture with pastel technique, with vivid charm and beautiful appearance. He has become a contemporary broadener of this channel and an extraordinary manifestation of this skill.

Canxue Yuejiang Tower (size 38 x 53 cm) 2020

Guan Gening’s paintings of pavilions have different legal support. Besides being a painter, he is also an expert who is proficient in architectural design. The architect can express the structural beauty of the building with strict geometric method, and can also interpret the cultural code of the building with beautiful shape and rhyme by artistic means. He is skilled in architecture and talented in artistic rendering, so Mr. Guan Gening paints architecture perfectly! Knowing the principle of architecture makes the buildings in his works have exquisite structure and good shape, and the shape of the building can be lifelike. The technique of familiar art makes all his works show the beauty of color assignment, and the watercolors are dense and colorful. Looking at it like a poem, the real oriental aesthetic pattern can ease the nostalgia for the painting. The artistic charm is quite intense, which really touches people.

Qinhuai Hongen Temple (size 38 x 53 cm) 2020

His works, whether depicting Yuejiang Building or freehand Hanshan Temple, are real sketches, which attach great importance to the expressive force of light and shadow colors, with accurate perspective scale and beautiful adjustment of light and shadow. Things in the painting, the spirit out of the painting, very eager for the harmonious requirements of visual aesthetics, pleasing to the eye but not stimulating, plain and naive, taste the rhyme and return to nature. In the process of creating ideas for the environment, realism is taken as the foundation, and the imagery freehand brushwork of Chinese painting is traced back, which makes the terraces and waterside pavilions become elegant images instead of rigid reproduction. The architectural works in his works incorporate the combination of form and spirit emphasized by oriental culture. Form has beautiful posture, and spirit has cultural core, which complement each other. Viewing a painting is also reading a poem. The 480 temples in the Southern Dynasty, how many buildings are misty and rainy! 

What he refines in his paintings is the richness of visual accumulation. You can draw it only after seeing it, but you can tell it only after knowing it. His observation of buildings is exquisite and meticulous. He not only knows things, but also knows literature. He travels to places of interest and scenic spots in the countryside, is diligent in sketching nature, and travels thousands of miles to read the culture written by thousands of books. Painting not only the terraces of the city, but also the folk houses in the countryside, as well as the fashionable style of the buildings of the times! The breadth of space is unparalleled, and the scope of coverage is convincing. If these separate pieces of works are lightly dropped, the humanistic content contained in them can be described as all-encompassing, which is called another form of “Along the River during the Qingming Festival”. Their works are unique in contemporary painting circles, which are suitable for viewing and collection. With the improvement of people’s understanding of the humanistic taste of this subject, the value potential of painting towers will be continuously explored.

The poetry of terrace is beautiful, and the culture is wonderful   His painting creation, which originated from specialty, is brilliant in talent and important in cultural inheritance. His works always care about feelings, painting styles and objects in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and bringing together architectural objects scattered in different directions after painting and combing. This is not only the exquisite technique of painting beauty, but also the humanistic achievement of inheriting culture according to beauty. His paintings are responsible, unique and promising.

Shi Feng, a famous critic of calligraphy and painting. March 23, 2020

Changzhou, Tianning Temple (size 38 x 53 cm) 2020 

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