A newly growing lash brand, Doe Lashes introduces a lash bundle titled “Subtle Starter Pack”, with beauty tools and products at affordable price

Doe Lashes has started growing significantly since the launch, that’s because of the high-quality products at an affordable price that the customers love. With lashes that feel soft and comfortable, yet so reliable that customers prefer these lashes over other big brands.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Doe Lashes is a beauty company that believes in retaining the natural beauty and enhancing the looks to make the person appear more fashionable. Doe Lashes offer everyday lashes that can be worn on a daily basis yet the wearer will not feel any weight on their eyes since the lashes are practically weightless and soft to wear. The lashes for Asian eyes include many products like the newly launched Starry Night and Fairy Dust; additionally, some other products include Morning Dew, Crazy In Love and Silver Lining among many others.

Doe Lashes is a company that has been inspired by the natural and gentle beauty of female deer, making the products that feel natural, totally weightless and soft to the wearer, causing no irritation to the skin of the eyes. Doe Lashes now brings a new bundle called “SUBTLE STARTER PACK” that includes many products and tools that can make one look beautiful in the most natural way possible. The Subtle Starter Pack includes lashes Fairy Dust, Morning Dew, Silver Lining, Really Really Lowkey and Cloud 9, in addition to that, a complimentary lashes applicator is also included in the bundle.

The newly launched bundle can be purchased at only a price of $50 and can be a perfect choice for both beginners and experts, as it includes the lashes that can be easily applied with the applicator, and anyone can apply them without any kind of trouble. Furthermore, the lashes are made of pure Korean silk such that they feel natural and soft to the skin.

Additionally, Doe Lashes has also launched a subscription program to facilitate regular and new customers. This subscription program will let the customers create a personalized order that will get delivered to them every month. So taking advantage of this subscription program, users will not have to waste their time ordering over and over again, just subscribe and get delivery every month.

Doe Lashes has received a lot of endorsements all over the social media, since its launch, the influencers on Instagram and TikTok such as beauty-guru Michelle Phan have appreciated Doe Lashes and really likes the products of Doe Lashes. The lashes are guaranteed to be long-lasting, allowing them to be worn over a dozen times and still retain their shape and weightlessness. Furthermore, the lashes are gentle to the eyes giving no irritation and heavy feeling to the eyes whatsoever. Doe Lashes know that not everyone is an expert when it comes to makeup, that’s why users can also find tutorials on the Doe Lashes website that provide guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to apply the lashes.

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