Interview with Gabriel Quazar: the artist shaping a new genre.

What follows is an interview I had over several session in person and via phone with Gabriel Quazar, “the hot new thing in music” according to media

You’ve just rebranded starting with your new single but you won’t let the audience wait, right?

You know I’m ready. I have an EP coming out very soon that will clarify a couple of stuff. Other releases will come out this year too. You can find on Instagram at gabrielquazar/

Tell us something more about this EP

it’s gon be a trip. Not for the faints of heart though ahah! This EP is mainly about some moments of my life and some oddity. I grow with the audience and they evolve with me. I want y’all to know that both me and my music like to change. I get bored a lot and people have the same problem for sure. That’s why I can’t really stick with a genre, there are too many emotions to be reflected in the mirror of our soul. I really believe that nowadays we need a new species of polymorphic artists. The music industry killed the creativity ‘cause they don’t wanna occur in any risk. I’ma show you how wide my spectrum is.

Do you compose your music on your own?

Yeah I write everything that I do. That’s the best way i can really express myself. Pretty hard to be like this nowadays. Luckily I’m working with a damn good producer, Fabrizio Grossi. He can always balance my uncontainable art so that it won’t spread all over the place. It’s been a tremendous pleasure finding myself recording next to a great friend like he is.

What about your childhood?

Well, that’s pretty messed up ahah! My parents divorced when I was 3. Mum comes from the riches while dad comes from the streets. I had to be some kind of hybrid from the beginning. No matter how crazy your family is, as far as there’s love in it s’um good has to happen to your life. Anyway I couldn’t be more grateful to them. Especially to my mother that always helped me through my career.

For more information about Gabriel Quazar, follow him on IG via gabrielquazar/ and you can also visit his website

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